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Shopping 101_DC


Kristin Boehne

on 15 October 2010

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Transcript of Shopping 101_DC

Shopping 101 Invoicing Housekeeping Receiving food What is an authorized shopper? Logistics Ordering food Where does this food come from . . . Pick up OR $45 delivery fee; 700+ pounds Shopping 101 TEFAP Arrive early! Reading Invoices Payment New agencies After 1 year of partnership... AM or PM slot Official organization checks only
Returned checks - $35 fee. Returned checks are required to be picked up
and paid in full within 5 days of notification. The third occurrence of a returned
check will result in the revocation of the program’s check writing privileges. Monthly statements are mailed by the 5th of each month. Include the tear-off section with your statement.
Payments are due within 30 days of receiving your statement. Accounts with charges over 30 days will be placed on hold.
Write the account number and the number of the invoice for which payment is intended on the check.
Cash and money orders are not accepted. Shoppers who violate these rules and regulations, or other rules and regulations posted in the warehouse, or exhibit malicious conduct or uncooperative behavior will be given a written warning. A written warning will also be given about the shopper to the program. The shopping privileges of persons who repeatedly violate Food Bank regulations will be indefinitely suspended. Persons whose shopping privileges have been suspended may not enter the Food Bank without permission.
Agencies which repeatedly violate these rules and regulations, or other rules and regulations as posted in the warehouse, may be terminated. No-show for scheduled appointment? $50 restocking fee Leave some of your order behind? $50 restocking fee Grocery Retail Stores Stores . . . and how can I get some for my program? Warnings, Suspensions, Terminations Monday-Friday; Appointments from 8:15am-1:45pm; One Saturday per month January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15 Fresh Produce & Bread Reclaimed Bargain Buys 15 cents/pound SMF Assorted box Free! Cost varies Cases of product Shopper video Standard Operating Procedures Quarterly Service Reports Food Quality Over- vs. Under-quality Expiration vs. Sell-By Dates No Tipping Online Ordering Password Sign-Up A3 Trainings Kristin Boehne, Agency Relations Manager 202-526-5344 x294 boehnek@capitalareafoodbank.org Fail to load your order within 10 minutes of the check-out time? $50 restocking fee OR Sell by date Best by date No date? Restocking Fees New QSR form to be released in early 2011 Questions? Safe food handling training Date only?
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