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Grid Weave Drawing - Alternate Identity/Self Portrait

TWS final drawing - high school self portraits

Jackie Davidson

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Grid Weave Drawing - Alternate Identity/Self Portrait

Self Portraits Chuck Close An artist famous for his massive-scale portraits
Spinal artery collapse in 1988 left him severely paralyzed from the neck down
Continues to paint and create artwork that is greatly sought after by museums and collectors
Employs a "grid-method" to paint his portraits, breaking it down into squares of color
FUN FACT: Suffers from Prosopagnosia, a condition that impairs a person's ability to recognize faces Final
Drawing: This project will be an altered grid drawing
We will be combining 2 images into one final piece - a sort of "woven" grid
two images, each in 5"x 7" format
Using "pieces" of each grid, create a final self-portrait.
Today: Taking your photo, which will become one of your images.
Your second, will be your alternate identity piece. Frida Kahlo Cindy Sherman Pablo Picasso Vincent Van Gogh "I believe that the face is a road map of a person's life, and that there are indicators there of what kind of life he, or she, has led." - Chuck Close Why
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