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on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of BILLY ELLIOT

The main conflict is that Billy is torn between his love for dancing and the exception of his family. He must fight for his choice and against his families choices for him.
Billy Elliot is an educational film that teaches us to be ourselves and we can achieve anything if we try hard enough. It also teaches us to accept the differences within other people even though society may not agree and that not everything is limited, you can be yourself and succeed.
The film is set during a 1984 England miners' strike against Margaret Thatcher in Durham county where angry picketers and police dressed in riot gear battle it out on the streets.
Plot Summary:
Billy Elliot is a heart warming story about an 11 year old boy that lives in a mining village with is father Jackie, older brother Tony and his grandmother.
Jackie and Tony work in the mines but are currently on strike and during this time Billy has to take boxing lessons which he is not happy about.
During his boxing lesson Billy showcases raw dancing talent and his coach isn't pleased about this because he fails to dodge a punch from his opponent and he tells Billy to stay behind and practice his boxing
As he is practicing his boxing he finds himself intrigued by the girls ballet class and he reluctantly joins them but soon finds that he enjoys dancing more than boxing and this is thanks to his ballet teacher Mrs Wilkinson.
When his family finds out about him dropping boxing for ballet, they are infuriated. Jackie and Tony rebel against the idea of Billy doing ballet but he continues to practice privately with Mrs Wilkinson and gets an opportunity to audition for the Royal Ballet School.
Jackie finally sees how talented Billy is and allows him to audition at the Royal School Of Ballet. With support from the other miners, Billy and his Dad finally make it to London for the audition, returning home to anxiously await the ballet school's decision.
Fifteen years later, Jackie, Tony and Michael watch with pride as the curtain rises and Billy appears as the lead of Swan Lake in London's West End.
The film shows us how change affects the various relationships presented such bas the relationship between Billy and his father.
self discovery and coming of age:
Jackie has to accept the fact that his son is different and wants to be a dancer even though it goes against their society.
Billy discovers that he wants to be a dancer and he is determined to get his goal
Gender Differences:
Jackie and Tony have an issue with Billy doing ballet because in their society ballet is for feminine beings ie: girls and they have to accept the fact that Billy wants to be a ballet dancer.
Class Issues:
The film explores the diverse economy of the people in Northen England dividing the upper class from the lower class. Billy's family is part of the lower class families whilst the Wilkinson family is part of the upper class community.
Jackie is conflicted because he has to accept that fact his son wants to be a dancer and it goes against the rules of the society they live in. Jackie has to accept the fact that his son is different
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