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James Van Der Zee

No description

Bailey Kilty

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of James Van Der Zee

James Van Der Zee
Born in Lenox, Massachusetts
Second of six siblings
1906 moved to Harlem, New York
He started as a waiter and elevator operator
1907 married Kate Brown
One child, Rachel
Divorced in 1915
Obtained a job as a darkroom assistant in New Jersey
Skills were self taught
1916 he opened his first his first studio in Harlem
Peers in Field
Roy De Carava
Born on December 9th, 1919 in Harlem
Similar to Van Der Zee, he photographed ordinary life
His photos explored the non-sence of shadows
About His Work
Known for his posed storied pictures
Captured African-American citizenry
Mostly indoor portraits
Labeled each of his photos with a signature and date
Weddings and funerals,family groups, teams, lodges, clubs, and people simply wanting to have a record of themselves in fine clothes
"The biggest day for studio photos was Sunday, especial Easter Sunday. The high class, the middle class, the poorer class all looking good on Sunday." -James Van Der Zee
June 29, 1886- May 15, 1983
About James Van Der Zee
The Effects
Photographed families, individuals, and events
Found beauty everyday life
Kept record and tells stories through photos
Photos reflected African-American dignity, achievements, idealism, and succeses
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