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yousaf sethi

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Pakistan

PAKISTAN The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a sovereign country in South Asia. With a population over 180 million people BBC News " The state of Pakistan occupies an area which was home to some of the earliest human settlements FOOD Pakistan the Beautiful: Photos www.insider.pk/travel/pakistan-the-beautiful/ Pakistani Music Computers and electronics are so widely used amongst the younger generation that there is a "digital divide" between the ones that use electronics and the ones that don't.

“The two most prevalent ways to judge a child's technology use are their age and their electronics' capabilities.” (Becker, Henry)

It is shown that children with low-income families use computers and technology more than the children with higher-income families who use technology for more intricate purposes. “We are now part of the ‘information age’ where one can easily obtain various amounts of information with the click of a button. “(DiMaggio, Paul)
Computers and technology in general were thought to make people more productive by using the newest features of computers such as shopping, research, banking, etc. Amazon Credit cards Data from UMBC

Female Students: 10 were surveyed
All 18-25
Internet access- 7/10
Smart phones - 4/10
Non-smart phones( flip, slide, etc) - 6/10
Amount of time texting/calling: 1-2 hours=4/10, 3-4 hours=1/10, 5-6 hours= 1/10, 7-8 hours=1/10, 11-12 hours=1/10, other=2/10
Those who had a smart phone were fine with their phone. Those who didn't have a smart phone wanted one.
Amount of time on phone in general: 3-4 hours=2/10, 5-6 hours=3/10, other=5/10 (some hardly use phone other than communication) Data from the HCC cafe

Female: 10 surveyed
all 18-25
Internet access - 8
Smart phones - 8, non smart phone- 2
Amount of hours talking/texting: 1-2=1, 3-4=4, 5-6=2, 7-8=3
Those without smart phone wanted one.
Amount of hours on phone in general: 1-2=3,3-4=3, 5-6=2, 9-10=1, other (none) =1 Our Survey Any Questions??? Is this how you are spending your life? Ebay Online shopping Online Banking Male: 10 surveyed
all 18-25
Internet access - 6
Smart phones - 6, non smart phones - 4
Amount of hours talking/texting: 1-2=5, 2-4=4, 5-6=1
Those w/smart phone were fine with their phones
Those w/o smart phones wanted one
Amount of hours on phone in general: 1-2=1, 3-4=5, 5-6=1, 7-8=1, other (none) = 2 Male Students: 10 were surveyed
All 18-25
Internet access - 8/10
Smart phones - 8/10
Non-smart phones - 2/10
Amount of time texting/calling: 1-2 hours=4/10, 3-4 hours=2/10,5-6 hours=3/10, other=1/10 Data from Towson University Thank You LANGUAGES More than sixty languages are spoken in Pakistan. Two official languages: Urdu and English including a number of provincial languages. Urdu is is understood by over 75% of Pakistanis. English (officially) is used in official business, government, and legal contracts. A nation is group of people, who feel a common bond, share demographic and cultural similarities, Possess a feel of community. Similarities that people share make them a nation.

People in Pakistan share the common culture, language, race and religion. It is an Islamic republic state, a state under a particular theocratic form of government which includes some laws of Sharia. "Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man.” Pakistan movement ( Tehrik-e-Pakistan) successful historical movement against Indian Congress and British Raj to have An independent Muslim state.

Two nation theory by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah stated that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations from every definition therefore Muslims should have a separate homeland in the Muslim majority areas of India. Quaid-E-Azam-Muhammad-Ali-Jinnah
The founder of Pakistan K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest. With a peak elevation of 8,611 m (28,251 feet) Pakistani made Instrument Here's the other side of Newsweek's Muslim Rage photo. Something the mainstream media wouldn't be too keen to show you in highlighted characters . Today, tens of hundreds of people showed up from 8 year olds to 60+ senior citizens in different cities of Pakistan to clean up the mess created by the few individuals who somehow always end up defining Pakistan. Here's to all of today's participants, you're the reason why we have a good future. Pakistan is proud of you. http://vimeo.com/50020581
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