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19th Century Realism

No description

Nikhil Mathur

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of 19th Century Realism

19th Century Realism
By Kevan Dodhia and Nikhil Mathur
Summary of Key Ideas
-Realism, in relation to the 19th century, implies the attempt to depict contemporary life and society.
-Realism flourished during the 19th Century due to major developments in science, etc.
-There are a select few artists know for their depictions in the form of realism.
The goal is to get rid of borders between literature and science.

Key Ideas To Be covered
in our Presentation
Prominent Realists in the 19th Century
History of Realism
Realism in literature refers to an attempt to describe human behavior and surroundings exactly as they have been made periodically throughout history.

-Drawn from human experience
-Insistence upon the experienced commonplace.
-Character is more important than plot. -Attack upon romanticism and romantic writers.
-Morality is often self realized.
-A realisation of democracy. we can say those sentences while we present..
•Honoré fe Balzac
• Stendhal
• Alexandre Dumas
• Eugène Sue
• Gustave Flaubert
-Began in France in the 1850s, after the 1848 Revolution.
-Realists rejected romanticism, which had dominated French literature and art since the late 18th century.
-In 1855, the realism flame sparked from the painter, Gustave Courbet.
Goal of
Contrast with Romanticism
-Belle Epoque
-Development of science (especially biology), history and the social sciences and to the growth of industrialism and commerce.

What is Romanticism?
A movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individua.l
Link to Perfume
-Suskind's writing style in Perfume is that of Realism
-Turn to page 1 and read description of Paris
Link to Perfume
-The death of characters are realistic and are probable to happening during that time.
-Dominique Druot gets blamed for Grenouille's Crimes and is killed. (Page 247)
Example of Realism by Gustave Courbet
Famous Painting by Gustave courbet
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