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Английская версия

No description

Denis Bazin

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Английская версия

Advanta 2.0
Step 1.

The plan should take a shape.

Someone should introduce it,
see it clear as an image.

Step 2.

You need to consider the path or scheme of how plan will be implemented.

It's called strategy.

Step 3.

To implement the strategy you need an organization.

The main objective of this step is to identify the processes that allow to obtain the expected result.

Step 4.

For the organization to be able to function
you need a team.

These are the people who are directly
embody the idea.

Step 5.

The team consists of individuals -
distinct personalities whose work gives
the final result.

Managing the implementation of the strategy through cloud project management system
The key idea of the Advanta is a system that helps the company to achieve its strategic goals through the implementation of projects
Advanta Group
Business idea, a vision,
Strategy and
The system of business planning and control- from targets to strategy, from projects to tasks
Document management
and orders control
Human resource management
Financial management
Supply management
Contract management and CRM
Unified system for project
management activities
Control panel
Project portfolio management
Tasks discussion
Corporate "social network" and a uniform knowledge base
Problems information
What is Advanta?
This sequence is implemented in the Advanta 2.0 via a horizontal menu, reflecting the five-step movement to the goal
The concept of "5 Steps"
Our history
More than a 70 satisfied customers
The team is working as an outsource developer on the IT projects Implementation for military, Industrial and corporate cloud PPM systems, and the world's largest corporations in the creation of the cloud project management and project portfolio.
Establishment of Advanta group.
Beginning of development & marketing of Russia’s product, which united all Western expertise and experience in PPM systems.
A new concept has been created - Advanta 2.0. It is a system that links the vision, strategy and projects together.
Administration of the Middle-Ural region Governor
Government of the Middle-Ural region
"Development Corporation of the Middle Urals"
"Titanium Valley"
And also:
- Moscow (The unit of the Mayor and the Government
of the Moscow)
- Perm region (Office of Highways)
- Astrakhan region (Ministry of Economy)
- Arkhangelsk region (ICT)
- Penza region (Development Corporation)
"Nizhny Tagil plant of metal constructions" JSC
In 2012, the company
received an international
certificate of compliance
Project Management System
requirements of the international
Standard IPMA DELTA2 *.

Advanta 2.0 is used as a project
management system
in the enterprise.
*only three companies have the certificate in Russia.
«Uralvagonzavod» JSC
Komos Group
brings together leading food manufacturers in Udmurtia and Perm regions
12000 employees
gross earnings more than $ 1 billion
the group consists of more than 15 plants, 150 retail outlets, produces more than a 1000 products
The created system of portfolio management combines:
M & A projects (organizational)
investment projects
financial projects
The automated system for managing projects and programs was created (2011year)

The main users of the system are:
Board of Investment
Office for investing activities
Leaders and members of investment projects.

Estimated payback period - 15 months.
The actual payback period - 9 months.
System for support and monitor the implementation of the federal project "Improving the investment climate in Russian Federation"
83 regions of the Russian Federation
14 road maps
more than 5 thousands users
Public organization
"Strategic Initiatives
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