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my life

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of my life

Here is a Prezi that tells the viewers about ME Hi my name is Danielle Alison Alston and this Prezi is to tell you about my life. I am eleven years old and live in Livingston with my mum, gran, grandad,uncle and my big couisen Stephanie. The life of Danielle Alston My Hobbies are going out to play with my friends climbing and singing. I normally join my love of climbing with playing with my friends because when I go out with my friends i like climbing trees and climbing things at the park. I enjoying singing but don't normally sing in front of an audience the only time i have ever sang in front of a big crowd was when my primary school done a play on Cinderella and Rockerfella and I was chosen to be Cinders. My Hobbies I have lived in Scotland all my life. I have one step brother (3 years old called Hayden) and i also have a step sister (13 years old called Ashleigh) I get to see them on weekends only when I am going to see my dad. I have another step brother or sister on the way. I am Scottish Part English but I am also part Irish thought I have never been there. My life history 1) I have never been in a different country!
2) There is over 25 people from my dads side of my family!
3) I have over 15 couisens some of them stay in Scotland and some of them stay in England! INTRESTING FACTS My life by Danielle Alison Alston My Family My Family is very kind and caring I live with my mum, gran, couisen, grandad and uncle in a 4 bedroom house in Livingston. I visit my dad in Broxburn on a weekend and also see my brother and sister. I have Family in England, Fife and Broxburn. My Family that lives in England are all from my mums side of the family and I never get to see them because its so far awy but my mum plans on taking me my gran and my great grandad there some day because I none of us have heard from them in years last time we saw them was when my auntie died. Q1 What country is Danielle originally from?
Q2 How many proper brothers and sisters does Danielle have?
Q3 Is Danielle part Irish or part Italian?
Q4 What is Danielle's older sisters name and what age is she?
Q5 What other country's has Danielle visited?
Q6 Who did Danielle play when her school done a play on Cinderella and Rockerfella?
Thanks for listening and watching everyone I hope you enjoyed my Prezi on MY LIFE! Hi as you have probably just seen my life story i have made up this little Quiz to see how well you were listening!!!!!!!
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