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SAS PM Panel Interview

SAS PSBU Project Manager - Panel Interview

Wael Salah

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of SAS PM Panel Interview

Wael Salah
Welcome to my profile !
My name is Wael Salah
This is my beloved family
Enjoying time with friends
Personal Profile
Celebrating success with my colleagues
Explore - Socialize - Understand
3 and 6 months plans
Get Prepared
Get In Charge
Get Updated
Tracking & Reported
I know project stakeholders
I know project goals
I keep my deliverables by heart and I know how the client will recognize and accept them.
I build the right team
I build the project schedule
I build the communication plan
I plan costs and profit
I know project risks and triggers
I don’t work on the scope statement only, rather I focus on communication and project goals too.
I set the right reporting framework
I maintain Issues & Risks logs and triggers
I keep an eye on the communication plan
I manage through people
I motivate my team
I think alignment
I communicate upward
I pull the plug when needed
I release resources
Jeddah Manucipality
Opportunity Best Demonstrating my PM Skills
The only source of knowledge is experience
Project Management Track Record
Business Intelligence in the Public sector
Industry and/or solution Expertise
Fortune favors those who are prepared
Project delivery experience
Professional Experience
Years of Experience
13 years of IT experience
8 of which interfacing the customer
6 of which in Project management
Bachelor degree in Computer Science
Microsoft certified Solution Developer
Diploma in IT Project Management
Project Manager
Responsible for product delivery processes for a performance management product built by ITWORX in conjunction with Microsoft on top of SharePoint 2010, and utilizing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Services

Program Manager
Onsite Program Manager for Smart Learning Program in UAE, aiming to establish a unique learning environment in all UAE Public schools through the introduction of 'Smart Classes' with students utilizing tablet PC and state of the art IT infrastructure as means of acquiring knowledge. The program also includes specialized training programs for teachers and the introduction of new curricula to serve its purpose
Project Manager
Orchestrating the delivery of 7 E-Gov Process Automation projects for Municipality of Jeddah, Saudi. (A wide variety of Microsoft development tools and technologies)

2008 - 2011
2008 - 2011
2012 - Now
Technical Roles
Played many technical roles starting from instructing Microsoft professional curriculum to software development using a wide variety of technologies and platforms, climbed the ladder up and played team leadership roles, and finally worked in the management consulting field with my last ex-employer (Logica).
2000 - 2008
Orchestrating the delivery of 7 E-Gov Process Automation projects for Municipality of Jeddah, Saudi. (A wide variety of Microsoft development tools and technologies).
Managed client expectations through status meetings and educating him to accept project limitations and IT guidelines
Lessons Learned
Make sure to create and maintain the right communication plan
Highly demanding client with low IT literacy
Customer perception is we are an expensive vendor
Single point of contact for 5 running project in parallel
Integrating complex systems, correlating business and technical dependencies with different stakeholders
Governmental red-tape & inflexibility
Handling unplanned issues
Retained client confidence in our prices through understanding client real pains and business needs and innovating effective economical solutions to address these needs
Maintaining the communication plan to handle multiple channels of communication to remain in control of multiple interrelated projects delivery
Managed to gain client and prime contractor approvals on all acceptance letters which were needed to get paid
Customer focus, be flexible to accept changes but be able to easily calculate the impact (Budget, quality & timelines).
Project progress is measured by how much this progress is acknowledged by the customer, not by % completion on MSP
Building an adequate reporting and issue tracking framework is a key success factor
Maintain a good level of business awareness and understand customer requirements.
Maintain a good technical awareness about solution architecture and design decisions.
Understand people human needs and be a team leader
Performance Management Process
Monitor / Analyze
Act / Adjust
On Track Features
Share, communicate & cascade strategy
Track Strategic goals achievements
Monitor plans execution & progress
Facilitate collaboration
On Track Benefits
Alignment of Strategy and Execution
Promoted Accountability and Transparency
Accelerated Informed Decision Making
Dynamic Strategy
Strategy Maps, performance Summary Scorecards, Dashboards
Scorecard Management
Initiative Management
Strategic Plans Management
KPI Management
Collaboration, Annotations, Notification, Alerts, Workflows , Administration
Organization Structure
Data Integration
On Track
I was the product manager for this product for 18 months and passed through all the development stages of ADAA 2.0
First Day
Be prepared to absorb as much info as possible
Take notes
Take care of the environment & logistics
First Week
Ask my manager to setup getting-to-know-me meetings with people who know my work area well or have specific institutional knowledge to share
Socialize and connect
First Month
Read SAS’s newsletters, websites, social media, annual reports, anything I can find, especially those related to public security within SAS.
Read about public security sector in the GCC and about my clients specifics.
Have a frank discussion with my manager about any unwritten rules or standards
Second Month
Now that I’ve got a bit of experience, I will start taking responsibility for my own professional development
Perform a one-on-one meetings with all my team members to listen and connect
Seek out a mentor within the organization
First 3 months
Third Month
Start real contribution, like I'd improve a process, make independent decisions ...etc
Investigate something outside of my job responsibilities, understand the broader view of the organization.
Make sure that my team passes team storming phase peacefully and start norming
Request a 3 months performance review meeting with my manager
Next 3 months
Make sure that my team is now performing
Construct a vision of where I want to take my team and my projects, then have a plan to deliver that vision
Build solid working relationships across the entire team, but most importantly with the person who exercises the greatest influence (team leader)
Build a framework to support continuous improvement.
Work on the areas of improvements reported by my manager in the last review meeting
Correspondent Tracking System
Automating Building Permits
E-Services Portal
Support & Operations
Total Budget: $ 3M
Support agreement included developing some medium sized features under its budget
A catastrophe happened in the city of Jeddah (big flood) that killed many people and directly impacted us as all client IT department decision makers were fired in addition to many business owners and users and on top of them project sponsor himself was sent to jail
Managed to handle client Change Requests , pushing back many of them and accepting others under the condition of dropping some other scope
Managed to provide a steady support service meeting client highly challenging and changing needs
I love GITEX
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