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Rhetoric Project - Hard Essay - A treatise on Good Manners and Good Breeding

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Arrianna Hamrah

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Rhetoric Project - Hard Essay - A treatise on Good Manners and Good Breeding

A Treatise on Good Manners and Good Breeding By: Jonathan Swift What is Swift's main argument? Common Sense is becoming
harder to find What types of rhetoric does he
use to get his point across? Appeals to Logos "...good manners were intended
for regulating the conduct of those who have weak understandings; so they have been corrupted by the persons for whose use they were contrived." Swift says we only have manners because not every man attains their common sense. But...... The very rules man has created
stunts the growth of him using common sense! Swift also uses many details "...it would be endless to recount
the many foolish and ridiculous accidents I have observed amoung these unfortunate proselytes to ceremony. I have seen a duchess fairly knocked down, by the precipitancy of an officious coxcomb running to save her the trouble of opening the door." By allowing these formalities to drive our
actions, we miss the mark entirely. He also goes on to say, "So that the difference between good breeding and good manners lies in this, that the former cannot be attained to by the best understandings, without study and labour; wheras a tolerable degree of reason will instruct us in every part of good maners, without other assistance." So basically, character is hard and
labourous work. It takes a great deal
of studying to truly become the best
you can be as a person.
However... Manners are just good sense, so just becasuse one has good manners, doesn't mean that is what soley
makes them a good person. Finally, Swift's tone is
part of the reason his
essay is so effective. "As the best law is founded
upon reason, so are the best
manners. And as some lawyers
have introduced unreasonable
things into common law, so like-
wise many teachers have introduced
absurd things into common good
manners." His tone here makes for a great couple
of sentences. It becomes clear to the reader how Swift feels about frivolous
manners that tend to strip a man of his
good common sense. "For these people have fallen into a needless and
endless way of multiplying ceremonies, which have
been extremely troublesome to those who practise
them, and insupportable to everybody else: insomuch
that wise men are often more uneasy at the over civility
of these refiners..." This is another great demonstration
of Swift's use of tone. Through this
text the audience can sense how per-
plexed he is by how everyday men
have created simple tasks to be difficult through the use of unnecessary manners. Jonathan Swift's compelling piece allows the reader to really think about what is truely important versus the certain "legalities" every man should need. Simply using common sense, people could get through the day without mindless issues.
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