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julia calvo carnicero

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of THE TEIDE

By Julia Calvo. THE TEIDE LOCATION: CLIMATE: SIZE: FLORA: The climate is continental subalpine.
By day it has temperatures up 40ºc and
at night 8ºc.
The air is clean,clear and dry with little rainfall. Altitude of 3718m above sea and extension of 13500 ha. The retamas,the taginaste,the Teide wallflower
or the Teide violet. Teide is a volcano located on the island of tenerife in the Canary Islands.The Teide is the highest mountain in Spain and third largest volcano in the Earth.
It is located in the Parque Nacional del Teide. FAUNA: Small birds like cernícalos,black birds o blue pinzón of the Teide.
There are more reptiles and insects such as the lagarto tizón. LANDSCAPE: Volcano with cañadas and volcanic relief, it has a lunar landscape. In winter there is snow on the summit. VISITORS: You can climb to the Teide by cable car in 8 minutes. CURIOSITY: The last eruption took place in 1798
The Teide appeared in the bills of 1000 pesetas from the years 80 in Spain.
A movie was made in the Teide: "One million years".
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