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Activity 3: What are some factors affect the amount of water in watershed

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serg de guzman

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Activity 3: What are some factors affect the amount of water in watershed

What Are Some Factors That Will Affect The Amount Of Water In Watersheds ?
Design a procedure to show how certain factors affect the amount of water that can be stored underground by the watershed to the bodies of water.
What To Do
The Group will choose one factor

that you want to investigate.
The Factors That You Will Investigate Are:
A. Vegetation cover

C. Kind of soil
D. Amount of rainfall
B. Slope of the area
First, the group will identify the variables that you need to control and the variable that you will change.
Then, design the procedure to determine the effect of the factor you chose on watersheds.
Be ready to present your design in the class and to defend why doyou design it that way.
Why do we choose that Factor?
Because, we want to investigate the kind of soil according to the amount of water it can store since as we all know each soil has it’s distinct characteristic in terms in the amount of water it can hold.

What are the controlled variable and the variable that is needed to be change?
Controlled variable- amount of soil, amount of water to be put in each container, time for observation, container.

Variable to be changed- kind of soil

more water can be hold since the structure of its soil is close from each other that water will be hold for a long time.

the best kind of soil since water will not easily pass through but some can, it can also hold water for a long period of time

less water can be hold since its particles are small that water will easily pass through.
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