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The Iliad; Hero's Journey

No description

Britni Hill

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of The Iliad; Hero's Journey

Passes thorugh First Threshold
Glory of fighting will cost Achilles his life according to his destiny. He asks his mother to make him new armor. When Achilles enters into battle it causes a metaphoric new dawn for the Achaeans.
Call To Adventure
Aggameon is blamed for a plague that is caused from a dispute in war prizes. Achilles will not hand his over until Aggameoen sends for her. After Achilles prays to his mother, Thetis, and asks for Troy to win.
Reluctant At First
Achilles refuses to go into battle because he knows his destiny of certain death if he does. Aggamenoem tries to bribe him with gifts, but Achilles rejects it. Patroclus appeals to Achilles but again Achilles rejects the idea. Patroclus goes into battle instead of Achilles and is killed. Achilles goes back into battle to avenge his friend.
Reaches the Innermost Cave
Achilles enters battle, sealing his destiny of certain death. Achilles fights Hector twice but both times Apollo saves Hector. Achilles is so wound up that Zues has to have the god stop Achilles so he doesn't destroy Troy before it's destined time.
Road Back
Achilles holds games in honor of Patroclus. At this point the gods have aloud him to kill Hector, whose body he drags behind his horses, destroying it. Leaving it for the wolves and scavengers to eat. People from Troy come with a large ransom to retrieve the body, which he returns.
Achilles dies in battle, with his most dangerous meeting with death, he was shot in the heel by Paris.
The Iliad; Hero's Journey
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