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The Civil War ABC's

My Civil War project letters are Q-X.

Tristan McGowen

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of The Civil War ABC's

The Civil War ABCs Quietness before battles Quiet! Was the word before battles,
It was silent all throughout the plain,
Although the silence was irritating,
Many soldiers just thought this was a game. Before battles in the Civil War, it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. In many battle tactics, they used being quiet to their advantage. The Confederates killed many Union soldiers while they were sleeping, and they didn't make a single sound. Roaring rivers helped during the war,
They carried ships with heavy cargo,
All across the Mississippi River,
But before all this, they used embargo. Rivers Rivers were a major key item to win the
Civil War. The Mississippi River was very important,
and steamboats were able to carry cargo
and supplies to the soldiers. General Winfield William Scott of the Union
took control of the Mississippi River and used
it to split the Confederates in two. Strategy Smart strategy helped a lot,
Robert E. Lee was known for this,
Strategy killed lots of people,
Lee's tactics never miss. General Robert E. Lee was best known for his
strategy to the Confederates. Strategy was used everywhere in the Civil War. To figure out what you were going to do during battles,
you would have to think real hard about your plan or strategy. Telegraph Technological sensation many people say,
The telegraph sent secret codes,
It was a great invention,
Now you don't have to travel on the road. The telegraph was an invention that was
invented by Claude Chappe in 1794. This machine used a code and sent secret
messages around the world. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln
used this machine and sent secret
messages to his important generals. Underground Railroad Underground Railroad is what slaves called it,
They all came and left when no one could see,
Many got caught along the way,
Others just hoped to be set free. The Underground Railroad was not an actual
railroad at all. It was a route used to help free
slaves. Any slave who wanted to be free would
have to find a conductor. The conductor is the head leader
who leads the slaves. The most famous conductor was
Harriet Tubman. Weapons Wow! look at their weapons,
They have a gun that makes a bullet zoom,
They all die by your hands,
Even their cannons make a loud BOOM! All firearms larger than smaller arms are known
as artillery or cannons. The cannons were separated into two categories
and designated by their weight. Most weapons used during the Civil War
were: small firearms, muskeets, and rifles
with bayonets. Vicksburg Victory! said the Union,
Vicksburg is finally ours,
Everything we gave was not in vain,
This capture increases the Union's power. Vicksburg was taken control by
Ulysses S. Grant. Major General Grant took his army to
Vicksburg to trap a Confederate army. On July 4, Vicksburg surrendered, and this
split the Confederacy effectively in half. Xanthorrhiza X-rays suggest that you ate Xanthorriza,
This can help you and I don't lie,
You might get an infection,
If not treated, you might die. Xanthorrhiza may have been used to
treat injured soldiers. To make Xanthorrhiza, you take a yellow
root from a shrub and make medicine. Xanthorrhiza is a bitter toxin with a sour
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