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The American Presidency

No description

Melanieee Vargas

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The American Presidency

The American Presidency: The Foundations: Limits Of Power
The Congress was having promblems trying to balance out power for the President. They were scared of him being to weak , or to strong. The Supreme Court interperts the law and regect legislation or executive actions it deems in violation or contradiction of the constitution. They are appointed for Is the Ultimate Power on how you can remove a President from office, for treason,Bribery or other high crimes. Public Support Is needed toward the President. When the President has support his administration is influenced. If the President doen not have public support it is weakened. The Presidents Actions and words are closely watched. Reporters always have there eye on a juicy story or scandal. There are White House press passes giving to reporters. Congress Supreme Court Impeachment Public Support The Press
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