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Rome Class Structure

No description

Hannah Leili

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Rome Class Structure

Thank you!

Thank you
for watching!
Rome Class Structure
By Hannah Leili, Claire Dougherty, & Rou-Ye Wu

Common people

Peasants, craftspeople, traders and other workers

Plebeians did not have the luxury to sleep in because they had to work early in the morning.

Wealthy powerful citizens


Once controlled all aspects of government

Patrician boys would receive an exceptional education, sometimes from a tutor.

The lowest class.

Very vital in the workforce

Specialized on particular kinds of work
(barbers, cooks, etc.)
Easy way to earn money

No rights, treated as objects

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Hands on activity's

Plebeians make up the majority of the social structure.
make up
less than
10% and were a small minority.
Fun facts
In Rome, the elders were honored, and women had no rights

Everyone celebrated the same holidays and had the same gods.

Plebeians could not marry the patricians.

In both classes, the oldest male was the paterfamilias or head of the family.

Slaves would also often receive tips from local, kind citizens and once they gained enough money, they could pay their masters for freedom.

Crossword puzzle
Slaves Cont.
Many slaves were granted their freedom when their master died.

People defeated in battle were taken as slaves by the Romans

Plebeians cont.
They were treated badly and if they fell into debt, they could be sold into slavery

Since the plebeians were unemployed, the government gave them baths, free grain, and games to keep them quiet and happy.

Plebeians mean many

Patricians Cont.
Patricians were the only ones that could perform religious customs.

Patrician means father.

Patricians did not need to pay taxes and they could vote.

Patrician women spent the day planning dinner parties for when their husbands got home.
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