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Michaela Conte

on 7 March 2014

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Most inheritance goes to the eldest son
The uncle will take hold of inheritance till eldest son is no longer a minor
widows may become the wives of the deceased father's sons by another wife.
It is important for the father to hand down what ever he owns to his son
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Weddings in Igbo culture
Naming Kids
There is a naming ceromony
This takes place 4-8 days after the child has been delivered
The ceremony begins with ancestor recognition
the name giving and planting of a live plant to represent life and survival
Igbo names always has a meaning or history behind it
Males and females have certain names for them
name is dependent on gender and day given the name
Family Structure
In the Igbo culture they practice Polygamy
men Can have more then one wife
it is strange to see a women to have more than one husband
Men are dominate within the house hold
wives have there own hut on the land
Children help work the farms
The first wife is the most respected of the wives
Igbo gender roles
Cooking and cleaning.
Bearing children ( giving birth).
Takes husbands name.
Farming ( planting beans, melons, maize).
Oriaku- enjoys the wealth of the husband.
Igbo Ways
The family man
The husband is allowed to beat their wives
except during the week of peace
men dominate the wives lives
once they are married they can control the household.
Marriage in the igbo culture involves the parent, extended family, and villages.
The groom goes to his bride residents with his father to get approval for marriage
people bring wine and kola nuts to the wedding for the brides father
traditionally the marriage is an outdoor ceremony
now church weddings follow the traditional marriage
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BY: Danielle, MaKayla, Michaela
Essential Questions
What is the week of peace?
How does the week of peace deal with family?
How is family important to Igbo culture?
How does Things Fall Apart relevant to family?
Roles For women
Be a bride
Bear many children
Be submissive wife
Raise children
women are considered the weaker sex
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Week Of Peace
Definition:The week of peace was one of the means of unification for the clan and appeasement for the gods in control over their crops.
They believe in order to have good crops their sins must be cleared up
No violence is allowed
Used to restore peace within family's and communities
Spiritual purity is very important in the igbo culture during the week of peace.
No physical, emotional, or verbal abuse is allowed
"Igbo Culture in Achebe's Things Fall Apart." : The Week of Peace. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Mar. 2014. <http://eng2dchinuaachebe.blogspot.com/2011/04/week-of-peace.html>.
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