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The Incredible Journey

A Prezi that was due in my English class about a novel and movie.

Matthew Baker

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of The Incredible Journey

By Matthew Baker The Incredible Journey The Book in Itself Reviews of The Incredible Journey The movie version of this amazing book is not very different that the book itself. The movie writers did not change anything other that the fact that the movie was too long to include some scenes, like the Bobcat attack. The Incredible Journey- The Movie! The book is about three animals, two dogs and a cat, who are dropped off at a temporary home to be fostered by Mr. Longridge and Mrs. Oakes Plot Highlights The most common type of cruelty is neglect. From just forgetting to walk him all the way up to hitting the animal violently, abuse and neglect have no excuse. Yet Thousands of animals are treated like this every year. If you own a dog, cat, or any animal, take care of them. Animal Abuse and Neglect The book, "The Incredible Journey" is a heartwarming novel written by Sheila Burnford in 1960. It was later rewarded with an award winning movie produced by Disney Studios. This book is a classic and still loved Adventure/Animal novel that would make anyone want to start reading. The Animals, from left to right: Luath, Tao, and Bodger "Captivating! A tale of charm, high drama, and some revelations of the existing love between man and beast."
-The New York Times I am glad to see a new adventure series for children that seems to understand that the attention span of an 8-year-old is short and that, in order to grab and keep that attention, a book needs to keep moving. The Incredible Journey Books are wonderful additions to our library and I’m looking forward to finding out the ultimate mystery myself!
-Connie Lee Berry I have read "The Incredible Journey" with much enjoyment. Obviously the author has a great knowledge of animals and a great love for them.
-Joy Adamson, the author of "Born Free" There are numerous types of programs out there urging people to stop animal Cruelty and the like. Something To Thing About: The Incredible Journey was shot in Ontario, Canada. But Ontario in the summer reaches a high of 26° Fahrenheit. Could animals trek 300 or more miles through that? The animals, on their way home. This picture was from the 2000 movie, "Homeward Bound". The group faces wild animals, starvation, and numerous other hazards in order to get to their real home, hundreds of miles across country. Fun Fact: The animals traveled about 300 miles within almost the course of a week to two weeks. That's alot of ground to cover! Inception Setting Figurative language Symbol "This Journey took place in a part of Canada which lies in the northwestern part of the great sprawling province of Ontario." "This Journey took place in a part of Canada which lies in the northwestern part of the great sprawling province of Ontario." This is the country over which the three travelers passed, and it was in the fall that they traveled, in the days of the Indian Summer.
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