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Figurative language in song lyrics

No description

Rhiann Ward

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Figurative language in song lyrics

Figurative language in song lyrics.
By: Ellie Goulding
"They, they gonna
see us from outer space"
"And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn"
She is exaggerating because nobody can see people from outer space. She is just saying she will be superior or like a champion.
This repetition tells that they are burning something and there just going to let it keep burning.
Made in the USA
By: Demi Lovato
"You're always reading my mind like a letter"
She is stating that this person knows her well and can read her mind like you would read a letter.
By: Katy Perry
" Cause baby, you're a firework"
Katy is comparing you to a firework. Like you are bright, colorful and fun.
By: Taylor Swift
" We're burning red "
This is a exaggeration she is not actually burning red she is saying this is how she feels inside.
"Fighting with him is like trying to solve a cross word and realizing there's no right answer"
This is stating that fighting with this person is like there's no end to it. They cannot find a answer. Like in a crossword.
Stars Dance
By: Selena Gomez
" I can make the stars dance"
This is a personification because stars cant dance. She is giving them a human quality that isn't possible. By saying this Selena is saying she powerful.
Forgot to laugh
By: Bridget Mendler
"Your hearts a window"
This metaphor is saying that this persons heart is see through. It has no feelings in it.
By: Zendaya
"B-b-b-b- beating. Beating so loud you can feel it. B-b-b-b-beating, beating, beating. Beating for you"
This alliteration has a "B" sound to it. This makes the song more interesting and fun to listen to
By: Rhiann Ward*
& Alyssa Warford*
Thank You
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