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Essence of a Leader

No description

Julie Corcoran

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Essence of a Leader

The Essence of a Leader Douglas MacArthur Motivation Ambition Passion Compassion Strength Consistency One of only five men to ever risk to the rank of General of the Army "Above and Beyond the call of duty in action" "Mobilized, trained, and led an army which has received world acclaim for its gallant defense against a tremedous superiority of enemy forces in men and arms." "His utter disregard of personal danger under heavy fire and aerial bombardment, his calm judgment in each crisis, inspired his troops, galvanized the spirit of resistance of Philipino people, and confimed the faith of the American people in their armed forces." Military Advisor to the Commonwealth government of the Philippines Led the U.N. command in the Korean War Graduated top of his class from US Military Academy in 1904 Valedictorian at West Texas Military Academy Youngest general in the AEF to be promoted to Brigadier general in 1918 Served on the Court Marshal of Brigadier General Billy Mitchell in 1925 Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross twice Awarded the Silver Star seven times! 1942 Awarded the Medal of Honor for leadership in the Philippines: only accepted the award, stating: "this award was intended not so much for me personally as it is a recognition of the indomitable courage of the army which it was my honor to command." Modernized Military Art Study at US military Academy as superintendant in 1920 added cirriculum in liberal arts, government, and economics expanded the concept of military character to include bearing, leadership, efficiency and athletic performance
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