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Apple - IPhone (5s)

No description

yahli habaz

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Apple - IPhone (5s)

Environmental Impacts
Should we invest in this product?
Despite our love to apple, the best thing would be for us is not invest in these products. My biggest reason for this is that since Apple is a rich company, they sell their products for such high prices that many people can’t afford, just because it’s an “Apple product.” In the past, when Apple revolutionized phones into smartphones by releasing the IPhone, they made billions of dollars, that’s why they’re so rich today and it’ll be like that for the next years to go ( I don’t think Apple’s just stopped making money). So now days, they sell the same old IPhones, for the last couple of years, for high prices just because of their name. It’s like when Audi sells a car for $80 000 but the technologies’ true worth is $50 000. Other regular phone companies like Samsung and HTC have phones with even better technology, which Apple is trying to catch up with, for lower prices. Another major problem is that they can break easily and you have to be careful with them, otherwise they can cause a lot of problems.

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Economic Considerations

• Social networking is one of the many reasons the iPhone is so popular. You can connect to popular sites like Facebook and YouTube easily thanks to the App Store, and stay in touch with what events are going on even when you are on the go. This is a big plus when a lot of people want to know what is happening every moment of the day, every day. The iPhone has also made sending pictures easier to send and receive.
• Today, teens are the major users of the iPhone. Apple claims that it helps in organizing life in a much better way.
• The phone is capable of giving instant access to information that can affect finance, government, socialization, entertainment, and much more at the touch of your fingertips. For adults, it can be convenient for work purposes, such as sending in a report on time, communicating with email, or buying / selling a stock when time is right. It can also be used to pay a bill online through the iPhone
Economic Considerations
• We and Other phones companies have looked up to Apple for a long time. Now, they’re running out of ideas and they’re under a lot of pressure. And with pressure, it’s harder for them to come out with something new and better.
• Other companies have either, taken Apple’s ideas and turned to something better or have gotten ideas from some of their actions.
• Apple is a VERY rich company due to the invention of smartphones.

Environmental Impacts
Social Impacts

• The cost of a new 16GB IPhone is $729.95 with no term and the Galaxy S5, with no term is $699.95 with bell. But with other carriers like TELUS, the galaxy costs more.

It has been reported that-

“The new iPhone 5s will sell for $600 per unit. If each phone contains about $200 in imported parts, then each iPhone sale adds about $400 to GDP. (Imports get subtracted from GDP calculations.) If Apple manages to sell 8 million iPhones, then that’s a $3.2 billion boost to the economy right there, increasing annualized fourth-quarter growth by 0.33 percentage points.”

It may seem a bold prediction that this new iPhone could alone have such a strong effect on the U.S. economy. However, the general concept is not farfetched. Imports stimulate the economy, from the clothes you wear to the technology you use. The idea that imports are categorically bad for American job creation is simply false.

Apple - IPhone (5s)
IPhones have changed how people interact in the world. It made a sweeping coming out in 2007, when the smart phone was first introduced into the world of technology, and has set very high expectations ever since for other smart phone companies like Samsung. This phone has impacted society in both negative and positive ways, does affect the enviornment and has a great effect on our economy. For many people of the world, this piece of technology has made their lives much simpler with this easy to use phone.

The iPhone 5s is the newest smartphone from apple yet. It hasn't been fully reconstructed meaning, the design/body hasn't changed for a while and not a lot of new big features were added, the only big one on the new iPhone is the touch ID. But there is a lot of expectations for the future generations, were sure Apple's working very hard. For now, it has many competitions like the new galaxy and the htc one. Apple describes their new iPhone as “forward thinking,” “ahead of its time,” ”with the new iPhone you’re more powerful than you think.” obviously that’s just for the advertising. It is good for the environment in some ways (which will be describe later on), but the biggest negative impact is that the prices of this phone and other apple products are much more than its true value. Another major problem is that they can break easily and you have to be careful with them, otherwise they can cause a lot of problems.
All IPhone generations
You can get this phone in space grey (Black), silver or gold.
• Apple's manufactures try to use clean energy, like solar, for power to reduce the impact on climate change.
• These phones are made of some recycled material like, the aluminum surrounding the phone and the back of it is made up of recycle parts.
• They are trying to find ways in reducing harmful toxic substances to keep both people and the environment healthy.
• IPhones are very efficient, in the past we used other resources to contact other people like paper and lead to write letters, and use other sources to transport it. Today we can send messages, write to our close ones without having to use these other sources with these new phones.

• Apples biggest negative environmental impact is that they use a lot of electricity to make the products and we use a lot of electricity with the product. In the US, nearly 50% of the electricity generated is from coal. Coal is considered to be dirty and high in pollutants.
• IPhone has a lot of toxic material that it doesn't recycle and bad for both the environment and people.
• The IPhone rechargeable batteries have energized demand for lithium. Getting more means digging which destroys the environment located there.

Social Impacts
• Despite the many positive ways the iPhone has impacted society, there are many negative ways also. The phone has made it dramatically easier to communicate with others, but this is not always a good thing. The phone, along with other smart phones, have helped people (mainly teens) send harmful messages and photos to one another. Cyber-bullying is a major problem today in the world, and it is only getting worse with all of this new technology making things easier to communicate.

Click the link to see a video of how all the gens preform. It also tells us that there wasn't a lot of change over each phone.
Apple quotes, "We want to leave this place better than we found it."
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