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E-Portfolio Introduction

Introduction to the creating an E-Portfolio for AP Art Students.

Jared Schaeffer

on 24 March 2012

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Transcript of E-Portfolio Introduction

E-Portfolio What is an E-Portfolio and why create one? How do you create an E-Portfolio? How do you make it stand out? Now What? Electronic Portfolio - This is a web page or electronic document that artists use to store images of their work so that potential employers, higher education institutions, and peers can review their works through the world wide web.
This makes it easyly accessable for individuals to see.
The E-Portfolio has the ability to evolve by removing unwanted pieces and replacing them with new and better work. We will be using the Web site host and creator Weebly.com. We will create our web page that will contain our Biography as well as our created presentation of our art work through the program Prezi.com.
We will be utilizing these as they are free and versatile for what we will need to accomplish for creating our Portfolio. These programs are also fairly easy to use.
We will also be taking photographs of our Art Work and saving th files to our computers.
There is a plethora of other software that you can use from online applications to paid version of software stored on your computer. Remember our previous lessons of color theory, line, shape, emotion, typography,etc. You will use these lessons to help create an easy to use and interesting web site that reaches the viewers. Decide when you are creating your presentation if your images need simplicity or if you want to create a wild journey through your work. Make sure that you do not underwhelm or overwhelm the viewer with imagery and movement.
We need to start taking photographs of your current work and loading them to our computers. Next we will look at Setting up and using Weebly to create our website. Start thinking about your biography and create a rough draft for tomorrow.
Examples https://lagcc-cuny.digication.com/Jmartinez30/ARTIST_STATEMENT/edit https://jms355.weebly.com http://bipmistry.electrofolio.com/#/GALERIA.6 http://shadrictoop.electrofolio.com/#/GALERIAS.2
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