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Rocket Math

No description

Kristen Heusinger

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Rocket Math

Math Rocket What is it? Differentiate Math program

Focuses on 2 facts each level and its reversal

Takes in account how fast the children write

Progress is tracked by the students- MOTIVATING Writing test
Turn to page one and we will take the test.
Now count how many boxes you got correct.
Look at the chart on the back and level yourself. Leveling your students Use their 15 second goal from the goal sheet for their 15 sec test
It is the same for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Set up Rocket Folders and Partners Write the starting goal for the student. Tell the student which level that they will be starting at. Rocket Math Files Set up files for each level. Each file includes the practice/test page and about 8 answer keys
Answer Keys should be in a different color
Worksheets should be double sided Daily practice
and testing Set up partners by placing students with similar levels- if you are doing both addition and subtraction make sure to look at both To begin, have all students practice on level A for one week. In their rocket math partners each student needs a practice sheet and one answer key for their practice sheet.
The practice sheets are broken into two parts. The top is oral practice with a partner and the bottom is a one minute test.
One student reads the whole number sentence and answer and they go straight across the row and the other student is following along with the answer key
If the student makes a mistake the partner says stop corrects the mistake and the student moves back three problems and starts again
After both partners have practice the teacher has the students move back to their seats and take the one minute test One minute test After partner practice they write their one minute goal at the bottom of the page.
Teacher gives the whole class one minute
Student must go from left to right and row to row without skipping
After one minute the test is over and the teacher only collects the papers of students who passed their goal. Passing Teacher corrects one minute tests of the students who got their goal or completed more
Student then move to the next level and add one to their goal.
The new goal is written in their Rocket Math folders and they color in their rockets Now it's your turn Now it's your turn. Partner up and practice the sample worksheet page. Pretend to make mistakes so your partner can correct you. Troubleshooting
and Questions Cheating
Record keeping
File organization Now it is your turn. Find your 15 sec goal and that is your goal for the 15 second test in addition.
If they complete their goal, add one to their goal and continue to next set of levels.
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