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Reading Together

How can parents encourage a love of reading? These simple suggestions will open a world of wonder that will last a lifetime.

Andrea Holtry

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Reading Together

Some children love to snuggle on a lap, while others prefer to sit side-by-side. Some children point and slap at pictures; others sit quite still. Set aside one special time each day for reading to your child. Ask your child questions about the story. Read with expression, adding emphasis to important words, pausing for effect and making sounds. Let your child have time to see the pictures, and talk or think about them before turning the page. Allow your child to play with a prop during the story. Encourage your child to join in with you during familiar parts of the story. Talk about other similar stories. Give a book as a gift. Frequent the library. Set aside a special reading place. Give your child a library card. Reread favorite stories. Schedule family reading time. Enjoy a book together...warm, social interactions between reader and child help children love reading!
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