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Drew Dowell

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Andrew Dowell Welcome To Cerveteri, Italy Have you ever dreamed of traveling abroad to a beautiful city filled with lots of artistic history, artifacts, and sites? If so, Cerveteri Italy is the perfect travel spot for you! Here in Italy, we have many different tourist sites for you to witness. On our tour, we will visit the famous Vatican Museums in Rome, The Necropolis of Tarquinia, and Cerveteri’s Necropolis. The history of Cerveteri dates all the way back to the Eutruscan civilization. Much of the information about the Eutruscans has been lost in history. They are the only urban Pre-Roman civilization, dating from around 700 B.C. Cerveteri, located in Rome, is most famous for its Necropoli della Banditaccia. UNESCO has recognized it as a World Heritage Site. The necropolis, or ancient cemetery, dates from the 9th century B.C. to 3rd century B.C. It is home to 1000 tombs, and is the largest ancient necropolis in the Mediterranean area. The Eutruscans built a remarkable road system in Cerveteri which are still being used to this day. The tombs of Cerveteri are built in such a way that indicate just how developed and wealthy the Eutruscans were. The tombs are built like mounds or circular "dome-like" structures. They are carved from the living rock, and were usually painted and filled with treasures. 5 Day Tour of Italy Day One Your flight will depart from DFW Airport via American Airlines on March 11, 2013 at 2:45 pm to Frankfurt Intl. Airport at 6:45 am (10 hr flight). From there you will board the 7:35 am flight to Rome via Lufthansa Airways and arrive at 9:25 am. You will then find your way to the Fortyseven Preferred Boutique Hotel located near the Colosseum. Voted 4.8/5 this beautiful hotel is the definition of Roman luxury living. Roundtrip ticket + 5 day hotel = $2,176 Day 2 The Vatican Museums in Viale Vaticano in Rome, inside the Vatican City, are among the greatest museums in the world! They are home to a vast collection of historical masterpieces of artwork. Our very first site we will visit are the Vatican Museums in Rome at noon on March 12, 2013. The entry fee is 35 U.S. dollars (€26.50) Located in the Sculpture Museum of the Vatican, Sala Rotonda can be found. It is shaped like a miniature Pantheon. The room has impressive ancient mosaics on the floors, and ancient statues lining the perimeter, including a gilded bronze statue of Hercules. Day 3 The second site we will be visiting is The Necropolis of Tarquinia. Tarquinia is a neighboring city of Cerveteri and is home to a cemetery cite. The tombs at the cite are most known for the beautiful paintings found inside of them. The paintings are in a more naturalistic style and depict activities in the everyday lives of those people. Day 4 Our 3rd and final stop on this 5 day tour we will be visiting Cerveteri’s Necropolis. In Cerveteri, we can see that the tombs give us an idea of how the Eutruscans lived their lives during their civilization. The layout of the cemetery cite shows the advancement in the civilization and how unique their culture was. Historically, the city covers about 150 hectares, compared with the modern city, which occupies only one third of that space. In places the rocks reach up to 50 m in height and form a basic sense of protection. Cerveteri has 5 necropolises. They are Sorbo, Monte Abatone, Cava Potsolana, Gropie de San Antonio, and Banditacha. Inside these tombs were unprecedented amounts of luxuries, treasures, and riches. These riches can now be found throughout the Vatican Museum. Day 5 On Your final day of the 5 day tour you can spend the entire day relaxing in the wonderful Fortyseven Preferred Boutique Hotel. It is home to the delicious Circus Restaraunt as well as within walking distance from the Marcellus Theatre, Colosseum, Roman Forums, Domus Aurea and many more sites. Check out time will be 3pm, and from there you will board your plane back to America. Work Cited "The 4 Star Boutique Hotel in Rome Where Hospitality Is an Art, a Modern Art." Boutique 4 Star Hotel in Rome City Center. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. <http://www.fortysevenhotel.com/en/hp_en.html?gclid=CMacmYim07UCFQODnQodyzMA1A>

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