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Instructor Training

No description

Dana Drake

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Instructor Training

Teaching at TIP
and Working with
Exceptional Students
Instructor's Training

Are classroom expectations clearly posted and visible?YESNO

Is there a daily agenda posted?YESNO

Is the objective for the activity/lesson clear?YESNO

Percentage of the students who are on-task and engaged: _______________

Bloom’s Taxonomy level of instruction: Knowledge/Comprehension/Application/Analysis/Synthesis/Evaluation

What is the instructor doing? ________________________________________________________
What is the TA doing? ______________________________________________________________
What are the students doing? ________________________________________________________
General Feedback:
Generate questions for veteran staff to answer
tomorrow and leave at front!

The rest of the afternoon until 4:30 is yours to set up your room, get supplies, etc.

We will meet back at 4:30 to go over office procedures and setup before dinner.
Daily Feedback
We will have our student orientation on Sunday evening. This should cover program expectations, and guidelines as well as the common scenario.
-Experience with TIP

Two of these questions:
-A food or item that would be a hardship to
live without?
-What is a quirky habit you have?
-A risk you took that you are happy about.
Instructor/TA relationship
Classroom Observations

I will be in classes daily, observing and providing feedback.

Each week, there will be one formal classroom observation.

You have a copy of the observation form Duke TIP provides us to use.
The TIP Classroom
Student Orientation
Arrival Day

For arrival Sunday, we would like to have the TA's helping RC's in shifts to help with check-in, directions, etc.
Good morning!
Orientation Part II
What does a Duke TIP Classroom look like? What does it not look like?

Collaboration between students Long hours of lectures and note-taking
Interactive learning Tests and quizzes
Debates and discussions Homework (except the cross-team task force questions)
Laboratory experiences
Field trips
Individual and group research

Classroom assignments-What do you need as far as space?
We don’t issue letter or numeric grades, but instructors will complete a rubric evaluation at the end to give feedback on academic performance, learning behaviors, work habits and peer interactions.

I will be providing weekly feedback to instructors through class observations
-The Instructor sets the instructional goals and the TA’s role is to support the instructor in accomplishing these goals. They will decide jointly what form of assistance the TA will provide.

-The Instructor is responsible for the classroom for all that happens in the class and should be there at all times. TA should be actively used in the classroom, to help groups, guide research, possibly teach a lesson if the instructor and TA are both comfortable doing this.

-If there is a conflict, please discuss it with each other to attempt to resolve it. If you aren’t able to resolve it, come to talk with the OSD.
To ensure successful classroom management and create an engaging academic experience, the instructor and TA should have a good working relationship.

Teamwork is super important and the instructor will help establish the TA’s authority with students early on.
Activity – Discuss expectations for the Instructor/TA relationship

How can you keep an open channel of communication between Instructor & TA?

What classroom management style/policies would you like to see in place?

What questions do you have for each other related to activities, curriculum, or materials/resources that should be discussed before the first program day?
Supervision Duties

As a Duke TIP staff member, one of the most important duties is supervision. It keeps students safe, reduces behavior issues, and foster’s students social and academic growth.

Active supervision involves interacting with students positively and consistently. This helps you serve as both a role model and supervisor. Active supervision involves moving among students and scanning the area. If an incident happens, you will be able to respond immediately.
Supervision Duties
Notes on classroom supervision:

-Food or drink. Students shouldn’t have food or drinks in class, especially if there is a sign in the room. This is often a policy for rooms equipped with audio visual equipment. Some of our sites charge heavy fines for food wrappers or drinks containers found in classes.

-Breaks. Instructors and TA’s should have at least one 15 minute break for both morning and afternoon sessions. This can be outside the building or inside the class. Hallways are not a good location for breaks, as there may be other classes or professors working in offices. Students must be supervised at all times during breaks.

-Conduct in halls and respect for Meredith’s staff. Please review with students the importance of being polite and respectful to university staff members students may encounter and appropriate calm demeanor in the hallways.

-If your class is not using the assigned classroom, please let the office and OSD know where you are and post a note on the class door.

First class meeting would take place Monday morning and should address the following:

Introductions and get acquainted activities – Instructor/TA/Students

Classroom rules, procedures, consequences, and the importance of mutual respect

Review research team goals and objectives for week, as well as common scenario

Explain the evaluation procedures and discuss the areas of the rubric from which you will be evaluating.
Cross Team Task Force

New this year, will be meeting from 6-7 each night. Led by TA’s and Instructors. Will involve 1-2 kids from each of the teams. Each team should guide students in developing questions each day to ask the members of other teams to help facilitate meaningful discussion of how all components work together. It’s designed to be a roundtable discussion time. It’s a new idea in development and may change as the weeks progress.
Classroom Management/Expectations

-Post classroom expectations and routines. These will help create a positive environment and decrease disruptive behaviors. TIP Instructors should incorporate the following ground rules into their class behaviors:

1.Respect all individuals, ideas and property.
2.Follow directions the first time they are given.
3.Be in class on time with appropriate materials.
A few more TIPS for classroom management:

-Create a routine and post a daily agenda. Even if it changes, having a plan helps decrease kids’ anxiety and behavior-related disruptions.

-Consider developing norms for how to navigate classroom discussions (Listen respectfully, how to offer their comments, and allowing students to respectfully disagree)

-Make smooth transitions. Use warm up activities, review previous block, close each block with a summary

-Start and end on time. At 4pm, they should be escorted back to RC’s for free time. Please be sure not to allow them to leave early and also plan for clean up time at the end of the day so they are taken back in time.
It is important to understand the nature of gifted students – how they are like and unlike the typical adolescent – so you can effectively guide them. Gifted kids have the same basic needs: security, love, positive self esteem. In other respects, gifted children have additional needs. The notes below are taken from a guide on counseling gifted children by Dr. Rita Culross:

-They need to recognize and accept one’s own abilities, interests and limitations.
-They need to explore, discover, create, and be challenged.
-They need to recognize and accept abilities, interests, and limitations of others.
-They need adequate social relationships and to feel like they belong.
Role of OSD

Works with a coordinator in the Duke TIP main office to oversee:

-Staff training and parent orientation
-Classroom and instructional matters
-Site finances and approves expense requests
-Logistical coordination with Meredith’s campus
-Supervises the on-site staff
-Reviews student and staff disciplinary situations
- At all times, they must be accessible via TIP-issued cell phone in case of emergency
-Lead instructional staff meetings - Tuesdays 4:00-5:00
Staff meetings
We will have weekly staff meetings from 4:00-5:00 on Tuesdays and a debriefing each Friday at 4:15. Let the OSD know if you have a conflict.
Please involve me anytime:

-Before contacting a parent
-If there is an accident or allergic reaction
-After completing action reports
-Any medical or other concern for student or staff
-Just to consult! I would rather know and not need
to than not know. I'm here to support you and the job
you're doing
Best practices/tips
Scenarios, past experiences
Questions for Veteran Staff


How can you work to build an open, respectful community in your classroom? On campus?

What guidelines/class procedures do you need to brainstorm before students arrive?

How will you go about setting classroom expectations?

How will you (Instructor/TA) provide feedback to students during the week as to how they are performing acdemically, behaviorally, etc.
Arrival Day - Sunday
TA's in green staff shirt, Instructors in business casual

1-4 Check-in
4-5 Parent Orientation & Student Orientation with Residential Counselors
5:30-6:30 Dinner (Students and Staff only)
6:30-7:30 Students meet instructors
7:30-9:00 Residential activities
9:00-9:30 Free time, get ready for bed, cell phone time
9:30-10:00 Group meeting
10:00 Lights out
Instructional staff will need to move toward the parent orientation session at 3:30 to greet parents as they come in.

At 4:00, parent presentation will start. Students will be with RC's in orientation.

We will have 20-30 minutes of a general presentation, then parents will be matched to their child’s instructor to get an idea of that team’s curriculum plan.

You may want to have a tri-fold board or short presentation. Parents can ask more questions and then we will finish by 5:00.
Parent Open House - Friday

8:oo-Luggage packed and in office. Key turned in.
9-12 Class
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Wrap up with students. Certificates and t-shirts
2-3 Final presentation videos for parents
3-4 Classroom Open House. Plan to wrap up at 3:45
4:00 Check out and departure
4:15 Debriefing Meeting - Week 1 - Harris 102
Final Presentations and Parent Open House
2:00-3:00 Final presentation videos for parents.
-Each team should create a 5 minute video due to Katie by Friday morning so that she can stream them all together. Kids may introduce the videos if you want. Basically, it’s information on your team’s plan that you have developed – what do you do before (preparation for storm), how to respond, what to expect during and after storm.

3:00-4:00 Classroom Open House.
-Plan for about 45 minutes. This is an opportunity for students to present more specific information related to your team. May use trifolds or any method to relay information. Wrap up around 3:45.
Online Rubric Training

-Students will be evaluated from 1 to 4 in the areas of Leadership, Contribution/Work Ethic, Understanding Concepts, and Collaboration.

-Given to parents, so use appropriate language

-More than two sections with a 2 or less will be flagged by TIP office for review

-Complete class rubrics Friday before leaving campus, 24 hours before it is locked. Make sure to look at the site and be familiar with it.
In the lobby of Heilman you will have a stack of supplies with your team's name on it.

Katie will give you your requested supply list.

Compare and let me or Katie know if you have additional items you need.

Sharing pool - notebooks, maps, glue, etc.
Helpful Reminders to Keep In Mind

-Copy requests must be given with 24 hours notice :)

-You will want to make a poster board for class/RC switch offs in the quad. Put your Team name on front, Cross Team Task Force number on the back.

-At end of week, get your class certificates and t-shirts from OSD

Transitions in quad

--5-10 minutes before class/cross team task force starts, we will all meet in quad to exchange kids. Please count them.

-You will want to make a poster board sign with your team on one side and cross team task number on the other.
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