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Sex Crimes in South Korea

No description

Jacky Kim

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Sex Crimes in South Korea

Sex Crimes in South Korea
GAC014 AE3 SME25440 Yea-won Kim
Legal studies:
1. Actual condition in Korea
Significantly increased
Sexual crime statistic
Kang, Ho-Soon
Serial murderer: more than 7 times (06~09)
at least 8 people
Identity released
Death penalty
Kim, Gil-Tae
Rapist & Murderer (10)
Middle schoolgirl
Identity released
Electronic tagging
Death penalty -> Life imprisonment
Hope (2013)
Cho, Doo-Soon
Child sexual assault
Death penalty -> 12yrs imprisonment
Light penalty
Silenced (2006)
Silenced (2012)
3. Sexual crime
Sentencing Guideline
4. Other penalties related to sex crimes
Prolonged period of attaching electric tagging (2010).
5. Conclusion
Sexual Crime =
Thank you.
Chemical Castration (2012).
- Pedophiles against aged under 15

- First Chemical Castration: Jan. 2013

Family/Friends can sue offenders on behalf of the victim (2013).
Sexual Offender Alarm (2010).
2. Korean Sexual Criminals
Actual Condition
in Korea
Sexual Offenders and events
3. Current
4. Other
on Sexual Crime
victims in 2013.
20 - 30
and then
16 - 20
% is
May. 2013
Over 13: Increased overall 3 yrs. (Max. 16yrs)
Under 13 & disabled:
Increased overall 1.5 yrs.
No sexual decision
Bodily injured or resulting in death:
over 13 yrs, or life imprisonment
Aggravated when accused under the influence of alcohol or drug.

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