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Robert Nielson 2014 Presidential Canidate

No description

Rebecca Llewellyn

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Robert Nielson 2014 Presidential Canidate

California (55), Washington (12), Colorado (9), Virginia (13), New York (29), Massachusetts (11), New Mexico (5), Pennsylvania (20), Hawaii (4), Delaware (3), Rhode Island (4), Maine (4)
win over residents surrounding the Ogallala Aquifer, perhaps pushing for a Keystone Pipeline pathway to circumvent to aquifer completely
increase government jobs and maintain postal-friendly policies, considering the debate of the closure of the Akron postal distribution center
support a Farm Bill that supports traditional commodity crops (such as grains and cotton) and increase crop insurance for job stability
help encourage the increase of renewable energy-centered jobs in the state, to stabilize a working class and promote energy innovation
North Carolina:
aim to create stable, blue collar and middle class vocations to accommodate emigrants from the BoshWash corridor
appeal to native voters, such as the Menominee Tribe, and discourage mining efforts that will pollute the Bad River headwaters
appeal to Latino voting bloc by aiming to create jobs with increased energy business in the Gulf
find ways to maintain economic boost from the US national gas boom, but find alternative to fracking
Political Ad
Stump Speech
Growing up with two working middle class parents I learned the importance of hard work and a strong educational base. My policies will ensure a stronger middle class
and will provide more government issued merit and need-based scholarships for those who wouldn’t be able to afford a college education otherwise.
I want to stabilize the workforce for the existing middle class by encouraging companies to bring jobs back to the U.S. through tax benefits. My goal is to make sure there are no more tax loopholes that allow big companies to evade the taxes they owe to the government and to the people. It’s time that we ensure stable living for the middle and lower classes by raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour. With a raise in minimum wage and the creation of more U.S. jobs together we can create a flourishing middle class and put America back to work.
Energy sustainability has always been a concern and I want to make it a priority. I’m prepared to take action to make the U.S. more energy efficient and less dependent on foreign oil. We can achieve this by revising existing oil projects, such as the keystone pipeline, to make them safer for the environment, and more specifically, the towns it will run through. Additionally, I will make policies that ensure all buildings run on at least 50% green energy and provide tax rebates for those who switch to energy efficient appliances, cars, or solar power for their homes.
I can ensure that after two years in office the U.S. will be cleaner, more independent,
and stronger as a nation.
The time is now, America. Are you ready?

Key Issues
Stabilizing the workforce
Michigan (16), Minnesota (10), Illinois (20), Indiana (11), Connecticut (7), Vermont (3), New Hampshire (4), New Jersey (14), Maryland (10), Oregon (7), Idaho (4), Alaska (3)
Texas (38), Oklahoma (7), Georgia (16), Alabama (9), Mississippi (6), Arkansas (6), West Virginia (5), Tennessee (11), Kansas (6), Louisiana (8), Wyoming (3), Utah (6), South Carolina (9), Montana (3), North Dakota (3), South Dakota (3), Kentucky (8), Arizona (11)
Green energy
policies that encourage keeping and making jobs in America instead of overseas
Diminish loop holes that allow big companies to get out of paying their taxes
A federal fund for merit based & need based scholarships
mandate that all buildings exceeding a certain sq. footage must supplement at least 20% of their energy usage with any form green energy
Tax rebates for businesses and citizens who are practicing green energy solutions
More money but into find new energy solutions
Ensure the environmentally friendly completion of the Keystone Pipeline
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