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No description

Theodore Tran

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Kira

Chapter 1-3
Chapter 4-6
Jamison!!!!! is Kiras defender and had looked like a young tyke and was a skilled carver but was doubted cause of his young age.She was thinking that she was gonna lose and die cause Vandara.Kira would stand silently as Jamison would veto everything thrown at him. Being able to read the paper they gave him it helped understand her more easier.Kira was getting less nerves around the ending.Every time she would get more nerves she would always feel the cloth in her pants.
Chapter 7-9
Kira eats a hearty breakfast in her room since all long time.She found the bathroom witch she is sure it is for hygiene she goes to her regular stream were she bathes herself.Matt and his dog branch accompany kira through the woods to get to Annabella's home if they stay on the path its safe ,but as they walk they hear vicious creatures witch kira thinks that they are beast.All that kira dose in the edifice is work on the singers robe.
Chapter 13-16
This day feeled weird it's was raining and dark outside. Jamison comes and Kira starts talking to him like every other day and she pulled up beasts. When she go to Annabelle house she runs into Matt. She wants him to go with her. He says you can't go today. "Why?" The next thing that Matt says is she is dead she was tooken by the draggers. She go's to find Jamison and can't find him. She go's back and he comes to greet her and tell her about Annabella's death.
Chapter 17-20
Chapter 10-12
Kira is not a normal girl you see every day she has a crippled leg. Her dad was taken by beasts.Her mother just died from sickness and the mean old lady,Vandara just bought her house!!!!! A message got to Kira "that she needs to go to the council edifice" When she got there the debate started,but first she needs a defender who will she pick?
Chapter 21-23
The Gathering has finally ended. Kira goes back to her room and to find a man sitting there in the corner. The man got up and stood there and turned toward Kira. He was a blind man why was there a blind man alive the next time. Matt is yelling and saying "I found him!" The man starts talking and WARNING THE NEXT THING YOUR ABOUT TO HEARD WILL SURPRISE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I am Christopher. I am your father! Then the next thing Kira does is weep. He starts to tell what happened. There was no beasts out in the woods. They were just hunting rabbit and deers. They when in they usual way at the beginning of the hunt they were fights and arguing. He was stalking a deer then a club to the head then the knife. The person who try to kill Christoper was JAMEISON! Her father had to leave bye has Kira hugs him.
Has Kira and Thomas go and try to stop Matt getting around the crowd. Once they get to him Matt starts to act a little crazy saying he turn a man now and it's not Matt it's Mattie. "Wash" frees a little of Matt. Kira and Thomas grab Matt and take him back home. Matt still thinks he's a man so he still crazy Kira lets him out. Then heads to Annabelle house. When Kira arrived Annabelle sees Kira frighted. Kira was frighted because a "beast" was following her.
Kira and Thomas have been working hard all morning and want to take a break and go see the men work.Matt has not been seen for two days ,and they only worried a little bit.Gathering day is coming and people are getting prepared and finishing projects.It was gathering day and people are all ready gathering and Kira hears noises from the other side of the building.
Thoughts of the book
Starts out slow, but it turns around~Theo
As you get deeper in the book you get more attached ~Alfredo
You can call it a that is sad~Theo
Its a dramatic kind of book~Alfredo
I WANT A SECOND BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!~Theo
I didn't understand the beginning~Alfredo
That is Kira
Alfredo a
d Theo
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