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Dominion Green Power & Solar Purchase Program

Explanation of the relationship between these two Dominion Green Solutions programs

Dominion Green Power

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Dominion Green Power & Solar Purchase Program

Dominion is offering new ways for customers to go green and support renewable energy!
In June 2013, the Solar Purchase Program was launched as a way to increase solar generation in Virginia
The Solar Purchase Program is designed to help eligible Virginia customers cover the cost of adding solar generation to their property.
Customers participating in the Solar Purchase Program install and own the solar generation systems on their property, then sell the electricity and solar Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) back to Dominion at a premium rate of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour.
A REC is like a receipt that guarantees that renewable energy was generated and delivered to the grid. The REC and the environmental benefits associated with it can be purchased and claimed.
RECs provide a valuable revenue stream for renewable energy facilities, which encourages increased production and, consequently, more renewable energy delivered to the power pool!
Customers participating in the Solar Purchase Program will purchase all of the electricity for their home or business from the company on their current rate schedule.

The solar Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) purchased in conjunction with this program will be retired by Dominion through the Dominion Green Power® program.
Since 2009, the Dominion Green Power program has been an easy and affordable way for Dominion Virginia Power customers to purchase RECs to match all or a portion of their electricity use.
In addition to purchasing RECs from solar generators in Virginia, Dominion Green Power also supports wind and biomass facilities in the mid-Atlantic region.
More than 24,000 Virginians
are currently enrolled in the program!
Together, the Solar Purchase Program and Dominion Green Power offer customers more ways to support the development of renewable energy sources.
To learn more about Dominion Green Power, visit dom.com/VaGreenPower
For more information on Dominion's Solar Purchase Program, go to dom.com/solarpurchase
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