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MnCCC New Officer Orientation

Information for newly elected user group chairs...

Lisa Meredith

on 5 October 2018

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Transcript of MnCCC New Officer Orientation

You've just been elected!
...now what?
MnCCC Information
We have resources to assist you in your new role!
Our Staff will help you with setting up meetings, finalizing agendas, and finding resources!
Lisa Meredith, Executive Director
Darci Gawthrop, Office Manager
Mike Fox, Accountant
Your user group is also assigned both an ISSG Liaison and a Board Liaison
What are my responsibilities?
User Group
Know your rules & regulations
Finalize Agendas
Schedule & Run Meetings
Assign work groups - such as contract committees
Report Issues to the Board
Provide a user group report for regional meetings
Provide a user group report for the annual membership meeting.
MnCCC Website
MnCCC Website: http://www.mnccc.org/
Find more resources at...

MnCCC New Officer Orientation
Officers & Committee Chairs
Your user group rules & regs will specify which officers you have for your user group and advisory committee; also which committees you have. The MnCCC Staff keeps an up-to-date list on our website with your assistance.
Each user group has both a user group made up of all members; and most also have an Advisory/Executive Committee that meets more frequently. All officers serve on both.
MnCCC Board
The MnCCC Board meets monthly at MnCCC.
The Board hosts a new chair meeting, typically in August to give you the opportunity to meet your Board liaison and ISSG liaison.
The Board approves all contracts and user group rules & regulations.
The Board also approves any major projects and user group proposed project management plans.
Each User Group's Board Liaison attends the user group meetings and Advisory/Executive Committee meetings.
Liaisons provide an additional contact for the user groups.
Liaisons participate in the contract committees to help negotiate the contracts and follow the process.
Liaisons can also assist in things like updating user group rules & regulations.
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: How do I create agendas?
A: Darci will send you a draft agenda prior to your meeting. It will be based on past meetings and reviewed by Lisa before you receive it. You simply need to review it, make any changes you like on the agenda, then email Darci your approval. We try to post agendas at least 10 days prior to your meeting.
Q: What expenses are reimbursable?
A: That depends...each user group has different reimbursement policies. Be sure to check your rules & regs.
Q: How are rules and regulations changed?
A: A committee usually reviews and makes a draft of proposed
changes, then the Advisory/Executive committee reviews and
recommends approval. Final approval goes to the full user group and
the MnCCC Board.
A Note on Minutes...
Minutes must be taken at all meetings...user group meetings, Advisory/Executive committee meetings, and subcommittee or work group meetings. Minutes are a way of creating a record of the intentions and actions of a group. They are the history of your user group and often referenced when we are looking at what was done or why. Be sure all meetings have a recording officer! And be sure that the minutes, as soon as they are complete, are sent on to Darci to be posted for the next meeting. People who aren't able to attend a meeting often look for the minutes to see what they missed.

And, a final note, MnCCC has a policy, as the minutes are user group history, the user group should take the minutes. Minutes are not to be taken by MnCCC Staff *, nor are they ever to be taken by vendors.

*with the exception of Board Meetings.
RSVP is our custom developed calendar system. RSVP helps the MnCCC Staff coordinate nearly 600 meetings each year. It is a self-subscribed system, which puts the responsibility on our members to sign up, keep their profiles up-to-date and to notify us if they plan to attend meetings.

Why should you RSVP?

We ask everyone to RSVP so that we know if a meeting has a quorum.
We can make sure we have enough space in the room and enough food, when food is ordered.
We can make sure there are enough copies of required materials.
..and yes, we do cut off RSVPs for most meetings at least 3 days prior to the meeting to give us enough time to make changes to all of the above.
And, if you RSVP to a conference call or webinar, the morning of the meeting, you will receive an email with all of the connect information.

For more information on RSVP & FAQ, visit our About RSVP Page on our website at:

We are here to help...
The MnCCC Staff is here to assist you in your new role! Have a question? Need help with sending out a survey? Want to better understand the contracting process? Or anything else...please don't hesitate to ask!

Lisa Meredith: lisa@mnccc.org or 651-917-6996
Darci Gawthrop: darci@mnccc.org or 651-917-6969
Mike Fox: mike@mnccc.org or 651-917-6969

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