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The Monsoon Forest

No description

Jasmine Larsen

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of The Monsoon Forest

The Monsoon Forest
What and where?
Monsoon forests are also called dry forests.
They have two seasons are dry season and a wet season.
Monsoon forests are located in SE Asia, India, and some parts of South America.
Locations of tropical Monsoon forests.
Average Annual Temperature (C) = 27.05
Total Average Annual Precipitation (mm) = 3409.2
Summer Average Precipitation (mm) = 3115.9
Winter Average Precipitation (mm) = 293.3
Plant Life
The most dominant plants in the Monsoon forest are Lianas (a wood like vine) and Epiphytes.
But, in Asian forests there are many tall teak trees and thickets of bamboo.
Animal Life
Many large cats

Painted Bunting
Food Chain
The Monsoon Forest of India
Natural Park was set up to protect the Bengal Tigers living there.
On the reserve you can take a tour of part of the forest.
Thousands of plant and animal species live there.
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