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Buddhism by: Lexi, Lexi, and James

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Michael Corvello

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of Buddhism by: Lexi, Lexi, and James

By: Lexi B, Lexi H, and James H
The 4 noble truths
-To live is to suffer
-The cause of suffering is desire
-You need to eliminate desire
-Be in a calm and cool state
-Buddha founded the religion Buddhism
-Buddha was raised to be a king, but then left and became the founder of Buddhism
-Buddha's real name is Siddhartha Gautama
-Buddha spent the last 45 years of his life teaching others about Buddhism
The Eight Fold Path
- Right understanding
- Right motivation
Moral Discipline
- Right speech

- Right action

- Right livelihood
Mental Discipline
- Right Effort

- Right mindfulness

- Right meditation
"The middle way of wisdom and compassion."
- The Buddha

- Buddhism has no exact origination
Core Beliefs
- Reincarnation= results from attachments (karma)

- Nirvana= a calm state in which you are at peace

- Reaching Nirvana= escaping the cycle of rebirth

- The best why to ignore problems is to stay in a calm and cool state

Important vocab
Dhammapada- is the gathered sayings of the Buddha
Sutta- the Buddha's sermons
Vinaya- laws for monastic life
Abhidhamma- metaphysical practices or teach
Tripitaka- The three baskets; Vinanya Pitaka, the Sutta Pitaka, and the Abhidhamma Pitaka
Who and where?
-About 380,000,000 people are part of the religion
- It is most practiced in China and Thailand
Three Jewels of Buddhism
-Buddha-teacher of religion
-Dharma- the teachings of Buddhism
-Sangha- the community
-Mr. C's Buddhism PowerPoint presentation
-Overview of Buddhism
Thank you for watching!

- Mr. C's website links
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