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Guided Reading May 2013 - Staff Meeting

No description

nicola darling

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Guided Reading May 2013 - Staff Meeting

Guided Reading Observation follow ups And finally... Independent group 2 Promoting reading
Any Questions? Groups Question creation To complement Book Talk; Reciprocal Reading Planning Activities Targets From our last meeting... As we have all had chance to trial this now...

What are your thoughts on the planning format?

How are we ensuring we raise their profile?

How do you use them in your guided session?

Target your questions during book talk.

Use question grid/mat as a starting point.

Reading diaries?

What topic/literacy genre have you linked with your teacher-led guided reading sessions?

How are follow up sessions developing?

What has been successful? This way of running a session asks the children
to follow a pattern of:


Let's try it!
Children can lead themselves through the process once you have taught and explored it with them.

You can listen in to their Book Talk discussions and consider your questions to target focuses.

Could create a bank of questions that children could pull out from during questioning time (including style of level 6 questions for MA)

Steal the level 6 style....

Teacher group - Book Talk/Reciprocal Reading

LSA group - Interactive Comprehension (Verbal/Written)

Independent group 1 - Guided Book follow up activity

Independent group 2 - ICT (communication),
SPAG, Phonics?

ICT - For communication; quad blog, 100wc




SPaG related games/activities

Phonics games/activities Library

Sharing reading on blogs
What are you reading?
Reviews; written, video, audio
Individual reading blog vs book corner page?

How to celebrate good readers?
Basket of books

May 2013 How it could work?
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