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Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industry

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Jaymini Parmar

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industry

Research in the Media Industries Thank you for your attention :) Quantitative research is research based on number and statistics of people's opinion which may be coming from primary and secondary data

This sort of data can be used for hits on a website and sales of CDs and DVDs. This is important because it keeps the company up to date on sales as well as the popularity of the website. Also if the company ever wanted to present this quantitative data they could easily put into a graph or pie chart as it can be measured!

For example the CD album sales of The Wanted 'Battleground' in 2011, they sold 47 530 copies in the first week.

Another example; BBC has 13.2 Million people in the UK on the website per day.this sort Qualitative research is based of interviews and questionnaires. It's aimed to provide an understanding of how and why things are as they are.

Qualitative research is used to gain insight into people's attitudes, behaviour, concerns, movitations, aspirations, culture or lifestyle.

This sort of research is used in the media industry; for example; film reviews, these help makers of the film to improve on their next film and to take in consideration of what others make of their work.

Film reviews include ratings and a lot of opinions which are mostly biased as they are taken someones point of view. This sort data is done by many people as many have ideas and opinions on different things. Primary research is the data we retrieve ourselves using our own method of data collecting. Such as giving out a questionnaire about a film after people have watched it. The answers we get from the questionnaire are the answers from the people. This data would be our own research as we have conducted the questionnaire ourselves and went out to find the sample niche.

Primary research would be used in the media industries as it serves as a helping hand as the sample niche would advise and help improve the certain media product. Quantitative Research Qualitative Research Primary Research Secondary Research Secondary Research
Secondary Research refers to information gathered from existing reports or studies. For example, newspapers, magazines, journals etc.
Gathering this information can be useful as it allows the researcher to identify a new topic rather than one that has been exhaustively researched. of information is important as it tells BBC how their website is doing. Audience Research The most common method of audience research is surveys, which is when a group of people are selected, asked the same questions and then all their answers are counted.
Another type of audience research is observation, mechanical measurement and qualititative research.
It's important especially for advertising agencies who are aimed to target the right audience through the right ways Market Research Market research is based on the the collection and analysis of data about consumers, competitors and the effectiveness of marketing programs.

Small business owners use market research to determine the possibility of a new business, test interest in new products or services, improve aspects of their businesses, such as customer service or distribution channels, and develop competitive strategies.
Production Research Research in the Media Industries Production research basically involves finding information that can be used to explore the many if not all the facets of a play: its context in our world, author, and the world of the play, critical analysis and interpretation, production history, images and sounds, and sources, influences, and analogues.
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