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Professional Pharmacy Dispensary Design and Workflow

Social media

Maja Grosspietsch

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Professional Pharmacy Dispensary Design and Workflow

Why think about dispensary
design and workflow? Professional
Pharmacy Dispensary Design and Workflow The dispensary is the hub
of your pharmacy! Design to meet the trends The health service concept The current situation Design Workflow Designing a Pharmacy Servicescape "Servicescape" Deliver service ...
and it too will deliver! Key functions of workflow Key sources of workflow PHARMACY TRIANGLE Design Workflow New direction Key benefits for business Key benefits for customers Net results Conclusion Thank you for your attention! Welcome Case studies Wyndham Vale Pharmacy, VIC, Australia Baskind Pharmacy Gilstead, UK St. Per Pharmacy
Uppsala, Sweden Capital Chemist Charnwood, ACT, Australia Malouf Pharmacy Aspley, QLD, Australia Terry White Chemist
Charlestown, NSW, Australia Copyright by Willach Australia
www.willach.com.au Dispensary Design and Workflow Model PS: But enough theory, here are some ...
Finally, our credentials Carlingford Court Chemist,
NSW, Australia We hope you found this presentation helpful. Any feedback is most welcome. We are global experts in dispensary workflow and design and pioneer in medication storage solutions. The Pharmacy Triangle in a design context Process Process
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