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No description

Eddie Compaan

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of UKIP

UK Independence Party

Ukip video
PVV video
UKIP leaflet for the European elections
do the worksheet
Leaflet against UKIP
What is Ukip?
We agree to disagree
Speaking about a topic that is still a bit new can seem tricky.

The good part is that you already wrote what you think!

The first step is to read what your classmate wrote.

The next step is to read aloud what you wrote and
to your classmate.

Then you can react and start a discussion!
Speak your mind
Finally, you can be a politician!

Have a look at all your work on your worksheets.

Remember the points you agreed and disagreed on when you spoke together.

Tell the class what YOU think!
Answer the questions about the videos on your worksheet.

you have written your answers, compare them with your group.

Be prepared to tell the class about your group's answers.
Eurosceptic ??
Eurosceptic people believe the European Union does not bring anything good to their country:

The EU only takes money from the rich countries and gives it to the poor countries.
The EU has too many rules.
People from poor countries come to the richer countries and take their jobs.
We should be proud of our own country and have our own government make rules.

We agree to disagree
Writing what you think can be difficult.
Browse back through your worksheet to remember what you already wrote.

Use the expressions to start your first sentences.

Try not to think up a complete sentence in Dutch, start writing in English right away.
UKIP stands for UK Independence Party. It is a political party in the UK founded in 1993.
It is a so-called

Ukip believes that the UK should leave the European Union.

Eurosceptic parties are also present in other European countries, like The Netherlands.
Comparison of two Eurosceptic parties
Before watching the video, read the questions on your worksheet.
Read the questions about this video on your worksheet
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