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The Odyssey Timeline

No description

Chris Brannon

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey Timeline

The Odyssey Timeline
Book 1
The gods talk of and then decide to let Odysseus return to the land of Ithaca. The also persuade Telemachus to go in search of news about his father.

Trojan War Begins
The Trojan starts up and many Achaean wariors go to fight the Trojans with Agamemnon
Odysseus Sets Off for Troy
Along with these Achaean people Odysseus was convinced to go and fight the Trojans
End of Trojan War
The Trojan War ends, Poseidon gave the Achaean people the power to win and Odysseus is ready to start his journey home
By: Chris Brannon and Logan Shoun
After setting of from Troy, Odysseus stops here to get supplies. Odysseus loses 72 of his men from an attack from the Cicones on horseback
Book 2
Telemachus summons all of the Achaeans to an assembly and they argue. Telemachus also announces his intentions of going on a trip. The Achaeans decide that he will be allowed to go.
Book 3
Telemachus and his crew reach Pylos and he and King Nestor talk for a while. Then Nestor orders his son to accompany Telemachus on his chariot journey to Sparta.
Book 4
Telemachus and Pisistratus make it to Sparta and talk to the noble King Menelaus. Also while Telemachus is gone the suitors who are courting Telemachus' mother hatch a plan to kill him when he tries to return.
Book 5
The gods assemble for a meeting and send Hermes to tell Calypso to allow Odysseus to leave her island and return home. Odysseus sails away on a homemade raft and in 18 days catches sight of Phaeacia. Then Poseidon sends a storm and knocks Odysseus from his raft and after swimming for 2 days climbs onshore near the Pheaecian city
Book 6
Athena tells Nausicaa to go down to the river and wash her clothes. Once they arrive Odysseus arrives naked and talks to Nausicaa from some distance away. She agrees to help him so her servants bathe him and give him food.
Book 7
Nausicaa gets home on her wagon and Odysseus starts her journey to the city. When he reaches it Alcinous agrees to help him get home and brags of how his city has the best young men and the fastest black ships.
Book 9
Odysseus identifies himself to the Phaeacians. He then tells stories of the attack of the Ciones, the storm from Zeus that sent them to the land of the Lotus Eaters, and how he and some of his men escaped being eaten by the cyclops after stabbing him in the eye with a smoking hot pointed stick.
Book 10
Aeolus, god of the winds gives the a bag which enclosed in it is the wind directions. Odysseus' crew gets back in sight of their homeland then open up the bag and go back to Aeolia. Aeolus will not help the sorry fools. Half of Odysseus' crew goes to check out Circe's home and gets turned into pigs.
Book 11
Odysseus and his crew then go to Oceanus and the underworld. Teiresias prophesies Odysseus' future and then death. He then talks to his mom and a series of female shades. After this he pauses his story and then starts it again by talking of Agamemnon, Achilles, and Ajax in the Underworld.
Book 12
Odysseus and his crew go back to Circe's island an burn the dead Elpenor. They then sail past the sirens and encounter Charbydis and Scylla to who they lose six men. Odysseus crew eats Helios' cattle so Zeus punishes them by destroying their ship and only Odysseus survives. He arrives at Calypso's island after sailing on the mast of the ship for ten days.
Lotus Eaters
Odysseus stops here and sends his men out to find food. They return enticed by the lotus flower which makes them never want to leave the island. Odysseus has to recover them and move on
Book 13
The Phaeacians pack their gifts in the hollow ship and take Odysseus on a journey back to his Native land of Ithaca while he is sleeping. They unload him and his gifts and leave. When he wakes up he sees Athena in the disguise of a beautiful women and she talk to him about their plan to kill the suitors.
Book 14
Odysseus is transformed into the form of a beggar and goes to the farm of Eumaeus, the swineherd. He prophecies for Eumaeus that Odysseus will return soon but Eumaeus doesn't believe the no good beggar man. They talk for a while telling stories about each others past and then eat and go to sleep.
Book 15
Telemachus is told by Athena to go back to his native land and go to Eumaeus' hut. When he leaves he receives a favorable omen and is dropped off by his ship instead of Nestor's palace. Meanwhile Odysseus and Eumaeus feast and keep telling stories.
Book 16
Eumaeus is overjoyed to see Telemachus home safely and alive fro his journey. Telemachus then sends Eumaeus to go give his mother word of his return. Odysseus reveals his true identity to Telemachus and then they discuss plans on how to kill the suitors. Odysseus give Telemachus instructions on hiding the weapon stash and acting around the suitors.
Book 17
Telemachus returns to the city of Ithaca. Him and Theoclymenus dine with Penelope. Theoclymenus makes a prophecy of Odysseus' return. Odysseus gets to the palace and sees his old dog die and then after begging for food from the suitors Antinous hits him in the back with a foot stool.
Book 18
Odysseus knocks Irus the beggar out after he is insulted and leans him against the palace walls. Penelope appears to the suitors and suggests they give her gifts, so they do so. Eurymachus and Odysseus get into an argument and Eurymachus hits a waiter with a stool instead of Odysseus.
Polyphemus the Cyclops
Odysseus and his men find the cave of a cyclops and are drawn in buy cheese and wine. The cyclops traps them in the cave, eats 6 of Odysseus' men, then is blinded by escaping Odysseus
Book 19
Odysseus and Telamachus hide the war weapons so that they can ambush the suitors. Odysseus and Penelope talk about Odysseus' past and seeing the "real" Odysseus. Eurycleia washes Odysseus' feet and recognizes the scar and her master but Odysseus tells her not to let anyone know. Penelope then tells Odysseus of a dream that she had had.
Book 20
Penelop prays that Artemis will end her life. Odysseus asks Zeus for two omens and they are given to him in the form of thunder and a prayer said by a lady outloud to Zeus. The suitors plan to kill Telemachus but are dissuaded by an omen. Athena then makes the suitors laugh uncontrollably and then sends them images of disaster.
Book 21
Penelope decides to have a competition among the suitors to see who is the manliest. They must string the bow then shoot an arrow through twelve ax heads. The suitors are not even able to string the bow. Odysseus knowing that he can do it with ease asks for a chance, but the suitors won't let him. Eumaeus give him the bow and he stings it with ease and then hits all twelve ax heads.
Book 22
Odysseus stands in the doorway of the great house shooting arrows and picking off the suitors one by one until he runs out of arrows. Then Telemachus returns with spears and armor so with the help of his companions Odysseus kills all of the suitors. The dishonorable women servants get to clean up the room and move the bodies. They are then hung. Melanthius is cut up and then castrated.
Book 23
Penelope wakes up from her nap and is not persuaded that this "Odysseus" is her husband. She tests him and finds out that he really is Odysseus. The two go to bed, make love, and swap stories. In the morning Odysseus, Eumaeus, and Philoetius are lead out of the city by Athena.
Book 24
Odysseus goes to see his father out in the country side and tests him to see if he is remembered by his father Laertes. Laertes asks for proof and then remembers his son. They go have dinner in Laetes' home. Odysseus and his companions then fight the Ithacan army and win once Laertes kills Eupeithes. Then Athena establises a treaty between the two groups.
Aeolus is the god of winds. He gives Odysseus a bag of wind to aid him on his journey home. Once Ithaca is in sight of their ship, Odysseus' men open up the bag in search of gold or riches. Instead it sends them all the back to where they started.
This is a race of cannibals and they eat the Greeks. Only Odysseus and his men get away from there alive.
Aeaea: Circe's Home
Circe is a goddess and turns all of Odysseus' men into swine, but Odysseus is protected from her by an herb given to him by Hermes. Circe turns the men back to normal, they stay there a couple years, then Circe tells them how to get t the underworld so they can get instructions on how to get back to Itaca
Hades' Home
Odysseus goes here and finds Teiresias a prophet who gives them instruction how to get home. He also see his mother who has committed suicide in depression and Agamemnon who was killed by his wife and companion. As well as other warrior friends
Odysseus passes by hear, an the women try to lure them to shore with their song. The men do not hear because Odysseus stuffed their ears with beeswax and tie Odysseus to the mast.
Scylla and Charybdis
Odysseus decided to sail for Scylla (a six headed sea serpent) rather than Charybdis (a giant whirlpool) because then only six of his men would die instead of the whole ship.
Helios Cattle
Odysseus stops here for rest but instructs his shipmates not to kill and eat the cattle, for it will certainly bring destruction. As Odysseus was asleep, hey kill the cattle. Odysseus was pissed and decided to sail then. But Zeus sends a lightning bolt and destroys the ship killing all of the people except for Odysseus who drifts for days until he reached Calypso
Odysseus drifts here after his raft was destroyed by Poseidon. He tells them his story, and they give him a ride back to Ithaca with more riches than he could carry by himself.
He Odysseus finally reaches home sees his son Telemachus, kills the suitors courting his wife, visits his father, and takes his place as king after Athena makes peace with the angry Itacians.
Book 8
Odysseus attends the Phaeacian assembly and the fifty-two hand picked men get the boat ready for his voyage home. Alcinous starts some games to display the strength of the young men in the city. Euryalis insults Odysseus so he beats him in a competition and then leaves after Alcinous provides him with gifts.
Ogygia: Calypso's Island
Odysseus finds this island after drifting at sea for days. Calypso takes Odysseus in and forces him into a love affair for seven years. After the seven years Hermes convinces Calypso to let Odysseus begin his travel home.
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