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Creating Pathways to Success

Creating Pathways to Success

Shannon Watson

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Creating Pathways to Success

Presentation Foundation Research The Inquiry Process How you can help... In the end... Program Goals ensure that students develop knowledge and skills needed to make informed choices
provide opportunities for this learning
engage parents and the community in this process
to help students successfully transition from secondary school to their initial post-secondary destination after four years (which would fit with the Ministry of Education 34-credit threshold) A long time ago there was a document called Choices Into Action... We are planting a new document There are four guiding questions that students will be addressing from Kindergarten to Grade 12:
#1 Who am I?
#2 What are my opportunities?
#3 Who do I want to become?
#4 What is my plan for achieving my goals? All teachers have a valuable role to play in helping students become the architects of their lives. This includes:
providing students with information and experiences that help them develop their IPP
helping students to see how the skills and knowledge gained in class would be helpful in life beyond the classroom
assisting students in appropriate course selection (especially in grades 9 and 10) so that the Ministry of Education 34-credit threshold is met Creating Pathways to Success will help prepare students to face the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in this rapidly changing world. it's called Creating Pathways to Success How is Creating Pathways to Success different from Choices Into Action? it was a great document but it needed updating. This is why Creating Pathways to Success is replacing Choices Into Action. Creating Pathways to Success is a comprehensive Education and Career / Life Planning Program for all students in Ontario (K to Grade 12). - It reflects recent research
- It is based on a four-step inquiry process In this presentation we will learn about this four-step inquiry process and how the implementation of this document should help students graduate in four years. students need us more than we realize to help them develop skills required for making good career and life choices
over a decade ago, Ontario moved to a four-year secondary school program
last year, 20 000 Ontario students returned for at least one extra semester (that's 13% of graduates) Students will answer these questions at least twice per year and reflect on how their answers are changing as they mature
The answers to these questions will be recorded in each student's web-based Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) Successful students will be the fruit of our labour...how exciting to be a part of that!
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