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This our GATP project

Naomi Imoan

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of GATP:EAPA

the guide
Here are the titles of the topics we will be covering to answer our question.
Christianity First Year Rites of Passage
What we learned!
Hinduism First Year Rites of Passage.
Christianity First Year Rites of Passage
For our GATP project, our topic is...
How religion impacts the first Year rites of passage in Christianity and Hinduism.
Comparison Diagram
When Hindus are named, they have a big ceremony and many rituals are done. This commemoration is called the Namkaran ceremony. It is usually done on the 12th day after birth (or the 101st day, or even the baby’s next birthday) and is a very momentous occasion. A priest performs all the necessary rituals and decides what the first letter of the baby’s name should be; after this, the parents decide what the name will actually be. The first letter of the baby’s name is decided by the astronomy at the exact time he/she was born. Three names should be kept for the child based on the letters that they should begin with, and then the parents finally choose one name.
~During the Namkaran Ceremony, only one baby is named at a time.
When a baby is mostly under 1 years old, they are ready to be baptized. During a Christian's lifetime, they are baptized 2 times. The one we will be talking about today is called infant baptism; when the baby is baptized through the faith of their PARENTS.
Before the baptizing starts, the pastor gives a sermon to the families. When the baby goes up the pastor says a simple prayer, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,”. The prayer is broken up in to phrases, each phrase said when the water is patted on the baby's head.
~God is Love, and we need faith to believe in God.
While we were doing our project, we learned a lot about religion.
~ In both the religion and first year rites of passage, mantras are told and are mandatory at the Namkaran Ceremony. Mantras are chants that have profound meaning and they are a huge part of a Hindu's life.
~ There are many rules to how the baby should be named and these rules come from the Rig Veda.
~ Fire is always present during a religious ceremony because it represent Agni, the messenger God and God of Fire.
There are two things that are important to the religion that are displayed during the first year rites of passage. During these rituals, certain Gods are worshiped and rules from religious books are followed. In Christianity you must worship God and have Faith in God (mentioned in the Bible) and for Hinduism you must worship Agni (fire) and recite the mantras (mentioned in the Rig Veda).
~Faith plays an important role in both the Religion and first year rites of passage.
~You must have faith to believe.
~We get baptized in the name of three in one (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).
The two pictures you see above are pictures of the first year rites of passages in Christianity and Hinduism.
Hinduism First Year Rites of Passage
By: Adithi Prasad
Eunice Ahn
Global Awareness Technology Project
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The End!
I learned that Hindus rely on mantras from different books during important religious ceremonies, including the Namkaran Ceremony.
I learned that during Infant Baptism and every religious event, the pastor recites inspirational verses from the Bible.
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