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Alexis Shover

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Ebola

Ebola infection Symptoms
Pain: Stomach, chest, joints, or muscles
May experience : Chills, Fever, loss of appetite or sweating
Cough blood
Similar to the flu but, more severe

*If you get most or all these Symptoms go to the hospital ASAP*
Ebola is a disease that starts off like the flu. It has 21 days of symptoms. You get internal bleeding till you die. If you contact a doctor earlier then you can get treated but, many little amount of people have lived than the ones who died. It's very contagious so if you are near a person that has Ebola there are many chances that you will get it. It can spread through the air. So be careful when traveling.
What's Ebola

A myth of how it started was that the regions heath care workers brought it but that's not exactly right. We were told that bush meat spread the virus. Bush meat is a type of bat, that you should stay away from. The bats can not get the virus but they can spread it easily.
Where did Ebola start?
The first thing you do if you find out you have Ebola you should stay away from other people and contact a doctor or go to the hospital. But, there are available treatments for Ebola. There are many chances of death so be care full. Doctors made a antibody from survivors blood passes as the treatment. Another treatment can be oxygen therapy. There also is a treatment called IV fluids that Dr.Fleix used. If you do survive you can get permanent damage such as head aches, muscle pain, depressed moods or memory loss.
What do I do if I get Ebola?
Your probably wondering who is doctor Felix. He is Cuban doctor who travels the world to cure people in need of a doctor anywhere. He responded to Ebola in October 2014 in west Africa. When helping a patient with Ebola he also got it. It was such a ruff time for him. After getting IV fluids he made it out ALIVE!
After he recovered he even went back to help move people in Sierra Leone. He is such a devoted person.
Doctor Felix
The first person that got it which made it spread was a 3 year old boy from Guinea. He sadly passed away at such a young age in 2013. After he had died he spread it to the whole family ( mom, sister,and grandma) and they got Ebola and died. If one person gets it the whole village could too which, was the case.
Who was the first person to spread it around?
This can cause conflict because Ebola is killing many people. Not just that it's contagious. It is also hard to tell between flu so some people might not take it that seriously. Right now Ebola has been treated so you don't need to worry too much. There are good treatments for it.
Why would this cause conflict?
Have any Questions?
Thank you
The websites that i have used was Wikipedia, live science, and mirror Daily
Thank you!
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