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The X ray machine invention and Innovation

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Johnson Kailey

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of The X ray machine invention and Innovation

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What is the X Ray?
The major use today...
Most important application of x rays is used in medicine and was used immediately to diagnose bone fractures.
Doctors could now see and study the human bones without having to rip people apart(basically)
X rays are waves of electromagnetic energy. They behave in the same way as light waves but have much shorter wave lengths.
X rays can penetrate through many things with a low density such as flesh and clothes, but anything with a high density would caught on the x ray like bone and metal.
There are two types of x rays..
Soft: Used to see bones and organs
Hard:Used for destroying molecules in cells like cancer.
Important figures on
the x ray machine creation and Their brief
On November 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen accidentally discovered an image cast from his cathode ray generator, projective far beyond cathode rays.

upon further investigation, it was shown that the Rays were focused on the point of contact with the cathode ray beam in the interior vacuum tubes and we're not deflected by magnetic fields. this means the x-rays penetrated many kinds of matter.

How it happened...
By:Kailey Johnson
The X ray machine invention and Innovation
What is the main use of X rays?
William was Born on March 27 1845 in Lenerp in the lower Rhine province of Germany. He was a only child and loved machinery. Went to many schools then later became a professor and won a noble prize for his discovery of the X ray.
One of the most important innovators of the x ray! Born October 23 1863 in Hudson Massachusetts. Went to many schools and specialized in electrical engineering.
No bio was found for Gerrit, but apparently he discovered the hand received 1500 times greater than the average dose of radiation!!!
How was the x ray machine invented?
This is the man that many argue that also helped invent the X ray machine. He developed a process in which what is called a Coolidge tube and revolutionized many upcoming innovations to the x ray. Without the coolidge tube the x rays we have today would most likely have x ray tubes and they are not as great.
W.D Coolidge
Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen
W.D. Coolidge
Gerrit kermerink
Fun fact:
~Thomas Alva invented the x ray
fluoroscope and used it to observe the movement of Barium sulfate through a digestive process!
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