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design basics


Dexter Abbenwood

on 4 February 2010

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Transcript of design basics

Design Basics There are many different characteristics
that go into the design of pretty much
anything! Notice how the curvature of the
versailles pavillion gives it a sense
of "freedom" This also shows a new-age type
of architecture that has
"relaxation" appeal THe Lincoln Memorial
uses vertical lines in the form of columns THe eifell tower uses horizontal and
diagonal lines as the basis of its structure lines play a big part in
architecture and design Colors also contribute to the
effectiveness of a design red gives off a feeling a warmth blue gives off a "cool" vibe the shape of a design
can also make a huge impact This is an example of a
building that utilizes shapes
to the fullest Other key elements of design include: texture Space AND... VALUE
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