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We describe and give our opinion of ponies.

mackenzieashunti powell

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Ponies

Ponies are quick to learn and are gentle,
so they make extraordinary pets.
Upkeep can be expensive, however. The most popular breed is the Shetland pony. It came from the Shetland Islands, which are part of Scotland. Ponies are small horses that stand less than 58" and weigh less than 800 lbs. A pony needs a comfortable stall to live in, and needs to be fed 3 times a day.
Ponies eat grass, grain, and hay. Ponies need to be examined by a veterinarian once or twice a year, and they should be groomed daily. Here is a photo gallery of ponies called
"The Joy of the Shetland pony." PONIES Get to know these wonderful animals! We love ponies, but for the time being we have to enjoy them through videos and books ! Mackenzie and Sharrod Credits Duren, Stephen. "Horse." The World Book Encyclopedia. 2010 ed.
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