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Sugar Sugar Bakery & Cafe

No description

Jessica Blaine

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Sugar Sugar Bakery & Cafe

Sugar Sugar Bakery & Cafe Founding Team CEO, Courtney Lockshaw VP, Jessica Blaine COO, Steve Baier CFO, John Meine Financials Company Overview What is Sugar Sugar? Market Analysis The Industry
Stable and adaptable
$33 Billion-Commercial & Retail
Sugar Sugar-.021% of market Strategy & Implementation Marketing Strategy
Promotion Sales Strategy
Sales Programs Milestones May 2013 Storefront Bought July 2013 Obtain License & Permits
Hire Employees
Website Up & Running
Open For Business
Obtain 1st Sale Ongoing... Social Media Campaign-March
Strategic Alliances-April
Gluten Free Product Push-April
Direct Mail Campaign-July
Facebook Advertisements-July
1st Sale Promotion-July
Sales Staff Trained-July
PR Initiatives-July January 2014 Show Profit $ $ $ $ Courtney Lockshaw CEO In-house Operations
Kitchen Operations
Training Employees. 28% Jessica Blaine VICE PRESIDENT
Head Of Marketing & Sales 24% Customer Acquisitions
Strategic Alliances
PR, Marketing & Sales John Meine CFO Accounting Statements
Investments 24% Steve Baier COO 24% Inventory In/Out-Flow
Time Management
Staff Productivity
Quality Control Tax Rate
30% Current
7.25% APR Long-Term
9.25% Assumptions Welcome to Sugar Sugar! The Organization Product and Services    Bakery & Cafe and Catering Baked Goods, Breakfast Foods,
Beverages, Special Event Catering,
& Delivery Services Trends
Health Craze
Gluten-Free $7 Billion
High demand for specialty baked goods Competition Grocery Stores
Coffee Shops
Commercial Baked Goods
Other Local Bakeries Cupcake Cart, Gluten-Free Foods,
Healthy Alternatives,
Locally-Grown and
Produced Ingredients Differentiators Target Market Market Segmentation Upper to upper middle class San Diego residents & local special event coordinators Based on purchasing behaviors
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