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Blaze Armstrong

on 16 March 2018

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Transcript of 2002

A Sliver of My Life
I started walking very early, as early as the age of 8 months. My parents would hold my hands and walk me around on their feet. They would have me walk from one to the other, and would always encourage me to continue trying.

This relates to Piaget's preoperational stage. I associated the motion my feet moved while standing on my mom and dads feet with the motion of walking. Soon i started walking, then running, and jumping out of my crib.

Riding a Bike
It took me a long time to learn how to ride a bike. My brother, who is 19 months younger than I am, learned to ride before me. I didn’t learn to ride a bike without training wheels until I was about 6, almost 7.

I can relate this to erikson’s initiative vs. Guilt stage. When i would try to ride the bike i never wanted anyone to help me or hold me up. I wanted to do it all by myself, and i was really bad at it, so without help i didn’t learn very quickly.

Jealousy of my brothers
When is was about 3 or 4 i would get jealous of my brother, Tyce, when anyone would hold him. I used to pull him out of their laps, and get up there myself. I also threw a mountain dew bottle at him because he had a toy i wanted, which gave him a scar above his eye.

I can relate this to the attachment/parenting theory. When i was a baby i wasa crier and i always got what i wanted. When they started ignoring me, and telling me to do stuff i didn’t listen. I was also very attached to my mom and i didnt like her being around anyone but me.

School life
Right now i’ve got a pretty good school life. I’m in honors, and AP classes, i’ve got a multitude of friends, and most of my grade are good although I have a few which aren’t the best. In school i struggle mostly with finding the right group to be around. I tend to talk to any one and every one, and i love talk to them, but i don’t know exactly where i belong.

I can relate this to erikson's identity vs. role confusion. I’ve always been a talker, and i love to meet new people. I like to be a part of every group, and talk to all the different people, but i’m actually very shy, and it takes a lot for me to go talk to someone i don’t know.

Home life
I’ve got a very complicated home life. My dad was in the army for 11 years and he was stationed many times, so we had to move each time. I’ve moved 14 time all different houses and schools. As of right now my dad died list year, and i live with my grandparents because me and my mom don’t necessarily get along.

This could in a way relate to Erikson’s identity vs. role confusion and Kohlberg’s Moral. Since i moved all the time i wasnt ever able to make friends, and keep them for to long, because we would move again. I’ve also got some morals, like not to let people get close to me, because i feel like i might just move again.
When i get to college i want to work in the food industry, and make enough to fend for myself, but when I get out of college, hopefully with a masters in business administration, i want to work for IBM, or some other big business. I want to be like my aunt who is currently training to become the CEO of IBM, and makes a 7 figure salary.

I can relate this to erikson’s psychosocial theory. I want to make a lot of money and i want to go to college, and i want to be high in a business. These are all things that i want because i’ve been raised that that is the right way to go in life, and i should do all i can to achieve it.

living situation
When i get older i hope to be married, and hopefully have two adopted children. I want to travel a lot around the world, but i don’t know how that will work with a family. I may wait on the family deal until i can buy a house in charleston and settle down there.

This can relate to Erikson’s intimacy vs. isolation stage. I want to travel the world, and have fun, with our without someone by my side. On the other side i want to have a family, and someone to follow me through it.
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