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Social Media And Teenagers

No description

Noura Al Shamsi

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Social Media And Teenagers

The History of Social Networking .

The Definition of Social Media .
Social Media
social visits.

social isolation.

direct interaction.

Effects of social media on family relationships :
Acknowledge the problem
Take action

Set a good example
Control (Ehmke, 2013).

Schools and Universities
Increase awareness
Lectures (ElKhouli, 2013)
Solutions :
- Violence and Aggression. (Strasburger.V, 2010)

- Addiction. ( Luskin.B, 2012)

- Lack of communication.
Social Media And Teenagers
Mahra Aleghfeli - 201300396
Noura Tawfiq - 201214794
Sara Shamsan - M80006574
Meera Yousef - 201215686
Noura Abdelrahman - 201309743

Effects of social media on Behavior :
Effects of social media on Health :
Effect of social media on Health
How does the Social Media
negatively affect teenagers in
the United Arab Emirates?
Imitating celebrities posts on social media
Many women have lost their lives as a result of "Hollywood Surgeries"
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Turk, G. (2014, April 25). Look up [Video post]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7dLU6fk9Q
* Photo-taking ( food )
* Online-Offline Connections ( Lee,N.D.)
* Sleep
* 24/7 Stress ( Owen, N.D.)
Definition and History of social media
Effects of social media on family relationships
Effects of social media on Behavior
Effects of social media on Health
Lead to:
Obsession with self image
Eating disorders
Undergoing plastic surgery
Wasting time
Obesity and smoking.
Unhealthy lifestyle
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