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Historical Timeline of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

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Sabrina Yang

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Historical Timeline of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Children were told to report rebels to the Soviets because their love for their country is more than important than own family. Laila's teacher, Shanzai, taught her to report anything against the Soviets to the her.
1959 Spring
Mariam is born to Jalil and Nana.

Fall 1974
Mariam spends her first Ramadan in Kabul. The city is feels deserted and lonely.
Summer 1973
After ruling Kabul for 40 years, King Zahir Shah is overthrown by a bloodless coup. Jalil buys Mariam a necklace and she dreams that one day she can live with him and truly be his child.

Project by:
Olivia Tang
Irene Ju
Sabrina Yang
Carolyn Wu
Period 7

A Historical Timeline
April 17, 1978
Rasheed is angry at Mariam (age 19) because she cannot produce any children for him. Akbar Khyber was found murdered, which cause a large demonstration two days later.
April 27,1978
Military planes are all over Kabul. Air Force Colonel Abdul Oadar seized an airport in the key intersection city. The rebels attacked the Presidential Palace and Daoud's loyalist forces were defeated. Laila is born that night.
Tariq is five when he steps on a land mine and loses his left leg. He was then taken to south Ghazni.

Dostum fought the Soviets alongside the Mujahideen. Noor and Ahmad leave to join the jihad against the Soviets. Dostum joined the Najibullah after the Soviets left. He then supported Massoud. Embassies closed, schools collapsed, people died in hospitals, and Kabul was in total chaos.
Babi takes Laila and Tariq to see the Bamiyan Buddhas.
April 1988
The Treaty in Geneva was signed. The war between the Afghans and Soviets was over within nine months and Najibullah was installed as the Soviet’s puppet president. Babi tells Mammy the Soviets are leaving but Mammy still refuses to get out of bed, saying she will not rest until the Mujahideen holds a victory parade in Kabul.
January 1989
Laila turned eleven. She, her parents, and Hasina watched last of the Soviet convicts leave their city.

April 1992
The year Laila turned fourteen, the Soviet Union collapsed and Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine gain their independence. Najibullah tried to reach a settlement with the Mujahideen, but balked. Najibullah surrendered to the UN near the Darulaman Palace. The was was finally over and Afghanistan was now called the “Islamic State of Afghanistan”. The Islamic jihad council formed in Peshawar led by Sibghatullah Mojadidi. Then a leadership council led by Rabbani held power for two years and then an election would be held. Mammy rose from her bed for the first time in five years and she did not wear black. She cooked and threw a party.

Work Cited
June 1992
There is constant struggles in West Kabul between the warlords Sayyaf and Hazaras. The Pashtun militiamen were attacked Hazaras households and Hazaras abducted Pashtun civilians. Laila’s house gets bombed and her parents die. Rasheed takes Laila in and wants to marry her. The CIA armed Commander Massoud's Tajik troops.

Winter 1992
Rasheed took Laila to his shop and Laila felt the baby kick for the first time.

Women enjoyed freedoms, but since Mujahideen took over in April 1992 the Supreme Court under Rabbani was filled with hardliner mullahs. They stepped away with the communist-era decrees that empowered women and enforced strict Islamic laws that oppressed women and ordered them to cover up, forbade them to travel without a male relative, and punished adultery with stoning.

Spring 1993
Laila has her daughter, Aziza. Rasheed becomes angry at Laila for having a baby girl.

October 1994
A guerilla force, known as the Taliban, made up mostly of young Pashtun men whose families fled to Pakistan during the Soviet War. Most of them were raised in refugee camps along the Pakistani border. The Taliban had been making their way to Kabul for two years, taking cities from the Mujahideen. They had captured Ali Mazari and executed him. They were exchanging rockets with Ahmad Shah Massoud. Rasheed believes the Taliban are pure and incorruptible, and that they will bring peace and order.

January 1994
Dostum switched sides and joined Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and took up position near Bala Hissar. They fired on Massoud and Rabbani's forces at the Ministry of Defense and the Presidential Palace. They did unspeakable things to civilians. Men would kill their wives and daughters if they were raped in the name of honor. All the fighting caused Rasheed to stay home instead of going to work, so he was angry all the time.

September 1996

The Taliban captured Jalalabad and Sarobi and eventually reach Kabul. Rasheed welcomed the arrival of the Taliban and took his wives to welcome them.

September 1997
Laila is in labor and can’t find a hospital because hospitals are now separated by gender and there is only one female hospital.
Afghanistan suffers from severe drought. Laila and Mariam stood hours in line to get water in the shallow wells that had dried up.
Fall 1999
Laila and Mariam dug a hole to hide television. Laila dreams that instead of burying the television she buries Aziza.

Summer 2000
Rasheed’s shoe shore burns down and the family suffers from starvation.
April 2001
Massoud goes to France to speak to the European Parliament about the alliance opposing the Taliban. Massoud warns that there were terrorist camps in Afghanistan and pleaded the US to help fight the Taliban. The Taliban blows up the Buddhas of Bamiyan in March, which grabs the world's attention. Laila could not see Aziza at the orphannage because the Taliban did not allow women to walk around by themselves. Laila gets beaten up but thought that that was worth see her daughter over. Rasheed finds out that Aziza is Laila's harami.

November 2001
The Taliban collapses when Mullah Omar surrenders Kandahar. The surrender of the Taliban center signaled the beginning of their collapse.
July 2002
Laila misses the city of Kabul and tells Tariq that she wants to go back
She is eager to see that change that was brought upon the city. Also Laila wants to return to Kabul for Mammy and Babi so that they can see it through her eyes.
Spring 1974
Mariam turns fifteen. Mariam headed down to Herat for the first time to see Jalil. He shuts her out and the next day Mariam returns to the kolba and finds out that Nana committed suicide.

Spring 1974, a week later
Mariam moves in with Jalil after Nana's burial. After a week or so, Mariam is married off to Rasheed and they move to Kabul.

Mohammad Najibullah is president of Afghanistan and is in office until he is assinated on September 26, 1996.
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September 2001
Commander Massoud died that month. On 9/11 Laila and Tariq watched it happen on the hotel telvision. Osama bin Laden is mentioned as a terrorist. President Bush declared war on Afghanistan, and the Americans begin to bomb Afghanistan.

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When the Soviet Union attempted to gain control of Afghanistan with a military invasion, the United States supported Afghanistan. The war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan was a minor part of the Cold War.
Late 1996
Under the Taliban rule, along with other restrictions, women were denied access to medical treatment from hospitals and not allowed to work. No male was allowed to see a woman's face for only her husband and her family were allowed to.
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