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Christopher Columbus on his consequences of his exploration

consequences of his exploration

sienna reichlin

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus on his consequences of his exploration

The Columbian Exchange

This caused an evolution of warfare this effected on both the Europeans and Native Americans lives. Columbus' Arrival When Columbus arrived in the Caribbean in 1492 the change of plants, animals and diseases. He started the exchange. Ex: Plants like dandelions, and animals like cows. Catastrophes happened to the Native Americans and it did benefit the Europeans. Why did Christopher Columbus go to jail? The men who went with him to find gold were upset because they didn't, and they thought he was a cruel leader so they sent him to jail. There was some ups and downs for not only him, and some of his crew mates. What Christopher Columbus did on the Caribbean island Not only did he bring different things to those islands but he enslaved people. He forced Native americans to leave their inhabitants and brought violence and that is another reason he went to jail.
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