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Chapter 23: The Han Dynasty

No description

Mr. Command

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 23: The Han Dynasty

Chapter 23
The Han Dynasty

Mr. Command
23.1 Intro
Han dynasty lasted over 400 years

China enjoyed the Golden Age under the Han

Known for their military achievements

Controlled Central Asia
Present-day Korea and Vietnam
23.2 Warfare
Well-organized army
Men ages 25-60 had to serve 2 years
Estimated 130,000 to 300,000 men at all times

Advances in technology and iron strengthened their army
Iron fish-scale armor that flexed/moved with the body
First with iron long swords

Favorite weapon of the Han was the crossbow

Han invented the kite
measure guarded walls
send messages
frighten enemies with bamboo pipes whistling "fu fu"
"beware, beware"
Fish-Scale Armor
Iron Sword
Solider with crossbow
Fu Fu Kite
23.3 Government
Han government was a bureaucracy
gov't structured like a pyramid
direct those below you
based on Confusionaism

Top officials lived in the capital
gave advice to the emperor
Lower-level officials lived throughout the empire
check roads & canals
make sure enough grain was made

Officials were chosen by ability
took a long & difficult exam
23.4 Agriculture
Farmers needed to: grow crops to feed their families & stock shared granaries
Make their own clothing & homes
Give 1 month unpaid labor for gov't projects

Han invented the chain pump
move water from low irrigation to the fields
Pedal wheel pulled wooden planks

Invented iron plows & the wheelbarrow
Chain Pump
Iron Plow
23.5 Industry
Han controlled the most imporant industries in China:
Silk and Salt

Silk comes from the silkworm cocoon
Han invented the silk wheel

Salt was used to preserve meat and veggies
Han learned to get salt from under the ground
Dug deep wells using iron-tipped bamboo drills
1,000 feet below the surface
had a valve that would close with water in it
Salt water was boiled in pots leaving the salt
Silk Wheel
Salt Water Drill
23.6 Art
The Han invented paper
Perfect matierial for calligraphy
the art of fine handwritting

Paper was cheaper than bamboo and silk
easier to carry and bind together for books
23.7 Medicine
Han believed illnesses happened when the forces of yin and yang were out of balance

Acupuncture - thin needles inserted into specific parts of the body
use for quick illnesses like headaches

Moxibustion - small cone of powdered leaves or sticks called moxa were set on fire on the skin
long-term illnesses like arthritis

Han made great discoveries about the human body
judge health based on pulse or hearbeat
blood cirulates from the heart back to the heart
Wester science didn't discover for 1000's of year
Invented anesthetic
takes away the feeling of pain
23.8 Science
Han astronomers studied the skies
recorded comets & called them Broom Stars
discovered the light from the sun reflects off the moon
discovered solar eclipses is the moon blocking the sun

Invented the seismograph - detects earthquakes
vibrations triggered the of a ball to tell the direction

Invented the magnetic compass - determine direction
Han placed temples, graves & homes based on direction
Used iron ore lodestone because it faces north-south
shape of a spoon with the handle facing south
Magnetic Compass
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